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“Padres Baseball Real Story”


It’s been 72-hours since the Padres horrific late season collapse ended, and as of Wednesday at 12am…. the team had yet to make a move on their manager Jayce Tingler…Fire him or Keep him?

There are alot of moving parts.

My assessment from sources I network with.

General Manager AJ Preller does not want to fire Tingler, a close friend, whom he gave the managerial job too.

But Preller has a problem with big money name players, who no longer believe in Tingler’s leadership-communication abilities, and some whom might not want to play for him next year.

I have been told Preller is looking at two very different situations at Petco Park.

The Padres were (71-42) dating from the start of the shortened 2020 season thru the first two months plus of 2021 before injuries destroyed the pitching staff.  That’s an impressive number.

Yes this team cratered from mid June on, injuries, terrible slumps, and bad managerial decisions.  The (12-36) finish to the disgrace of a season is right there for everyone to see, but there is sentiment Tingler had no chance when 5-of-his 7-starting pitchers coming out of spring wound up on the DL or on the operating table.

The condemnation column in ‘The Athletic’ directed at Preller has damaged his credibility in baseball, and if not likely, up in the front office.  Mad scientist maybe.  Maddening mistakes-difinitely.

It begs the question, what established major league manager would want to  come work for a hands-on GM who wants things done his way?  Not Bruce Bochy, not Buck Showalter, who have won World Series rings with their style.

The Padres can fire the coaching staff, but that sends a bad message, since they have axed more coaches in the last 3-years than any team in baseball.  They could fire Tingler, and promote highly regarded Skip Schumacher, but that would be the third straight non-experienced manager Preller would have hired.

Owner Peter Seidler remains quiet.  He believes in Preller, having rewarded him with a contract extension thru 2026, though the team has not won much in the six full seasons things have been done Preller’s way.  In fact, no winning seasons in the six full years on the job (discounting the 60-game pandemic season).  And the farm system has been stripped mined by all of Preller’s impulsive trade.  That’s not much track record.

A solution?

If I were king, and I could not access Bruce Bochy nor Buck Showalter,
I would give the Preller-Tingler team one more year on the job.  Win or you will go away next year.

Bet that a healthy pitching staff would make a difference.  Bet that the (76-42) record could be restored, rather than the injury ravaged-mistake free fiasco that was (45-64) the final 4-months of the Swag Chain Summer.

I would also reign in the General Manager, that he will adhere to a strict budget, and that there will be no more mistakes on player deals, big contracts, or contract buyouts.  The message-this is your team-you better win with your team.

Give Preller-Tingler one last chance to fix it.  I like them both, but this is a results-related business.  Just look at who is playing in October in the playoffs.

I’d rather cover a Padres pennant race than another Padres public hanging.


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