1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Patriots-You May Not Like Them-But Respect Them”

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“Super Bowl Owner-The Best”


They are rich, some are loud, many are brash, some of rude, all of them successful.

These NFL owners have to have lots of those differetn traits, to get where they got, onwership of an NFL team.

Robert Kraft may be many different things to many different people, but in the end he has won, won with dignity, won with loyalty, just won.

And he has contributed enormous amounts of time and money to charitable causes around New England. Indeed he has become a special person.

His New England Patriots are in their 9th Super Bowl this weekend. Some franchises have never gotten there. Some, like Buffalo, got their 4-years in a row and got beat. Others like the Dean Spanos led Chargers got there once, and never got back.

History can write about the greatness of the Raiders, past tense, in the early Al Davis era. They will chronicle all the things the Rooney Family has done in leading the Steelers back multiple times. We know about the bombast of America’s team, the Cowboys, from back in Jerry Jones early days.

But come kickoff late Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, Robert Kraft and his son and that family, will be where they always are the first week of February, in the owners box at the Super Bowl, watching their team play there again.

5-Rings. The leadership of Bill Belicheck. The talents of Tom Brady.

Franchises aren’t supposed to repeat like this. Quarterbacks get hurt, get old. Veterans have to leave because of free-agency, retirement or the salary cap. Mistakes get made in the draft. A brain drain occurs when coaching staffs get stripped-their people hired away.

Not there-not in New England.

They found Brady in the 6th round. They discovered late round picks like the pillar that Vince Wilfork became. They fit in Rob Gronkowski.

They acquired the likes of Rodney Harrison. They resurrected people like Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, They gambled on troubled people like LeGarrett Blount and Josh Gordon.

They never fall down, never tankl, never ever fail to deliver for their fans.

Hardly ever happens to the Robert Kraft franchise.

Belicheck and Brady have a combined (29-10) record in postseason.
We know about the dominance at Gillette Stadium. But on this given day, at that neutral sight, the Patriots continue to win on the final Sunday of the season usually..

Since buying up the land around old Shaeffer Stadium. Since creating Patriots Place as a business sight. Since privately funding the new Stadium off Route 1-in Foxboro, Kraft’s NFL team is (229-121).

And since 2003, Kraft’s crew has gone (200-56) in regular season….(29-10) in post season. Since 1994, a 25-year span, they have had 20-seasons of 10-wins or more.

You may not like the bore that Belicheck is. You may not like the personna of all the things Brady has become. You may never have forgiven them for tampering with Bill Parcells, or Spygate, or Deflategate.

But in the history of control freaks, they’ve out done Vince Lombardi, George Allen, Al Davis and everyone else.

So if Sunday night arrives, and the Commissioner is presenting the trophy to Kraft & Company, respect the big picture of success, for a man who has given the ‘State of New England’ a quarter of a century of great football, plus great philanthropy..

Love ’em or Hate ’em …at least respect ’em for the Patriot Way.


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