1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday. “Power & Money Corrupt-Definitely in College Sports”

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“Power & Money Corrupt-Definitely in College Sports”


And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

In the era of college athletics, we’ve had the NCAA Death Penalty put in place, you do remember SMU football? We’ve have had the USC-Reggie Bush scandal from which the Trojans never recovered?

We’ve had basketball point shaving scandals, from the 1950s at CCNY, to modern day crisis at places like Boston College, SMU and more.

The academic scandals nearly left the SEC in ruins, and stained North Carolina.

And despite all the rules installed by the NCAA, it goes on and on.

This 2018 season, the Adidas slush fund scandal, enveloping 9-Division 1-basketball programs, from players at Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina State, USC and more. Prison terms are being handed out as you read this over large amounts of money filtered to players to sign with certain schools serviced by Adidas. .

And now the sleazy story of wealth and cheating to get students into prestige universities like Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, USC, UCLA even tiny USD.

The indictments handed down in Boston involve at least 50-people. You can bet more will be coming.

All this cycled thru a so called ‘diploma factory’ based in Newport Beach, that helped children of the wealthy forge documents, create fake resumes, employ others to take SAT tests.

All to impress schools that the students deserved to be admitted.

Payments of 150,000 to 4M from wealthy parents to create false images of their children.

And it has snarled coaches too. A Georgetown coach paid 2.7M over 10-years to fudge credentials to get so called athletes onto campus, people who were not even players.

400,000 given to a soccer coach. 150,000 bribes to volleyball coaches. Fake identities created for a 145 pound nose tackle. Or admittance to a university for a member of a crew team, who never rowed in high school.

America never learns does it.

This seems like the banks and Wall Street and all that we saw in 2008, only on the scale of dear old Alma Mater U, and rich parents, trying to prop up their kids by paying the freight to get them into some prestigious place, schools victimized by not so prestigious employees.

Same old-same old.

Money and power corrupts. Not just athletes and player agents in pro sports, not just boosters and cheating alums in colleges, now parents trying to front money for their kids.

Ah to be rich-wealthy and no longer know right-vs-wrong, or no longer care.

America-America…to quote boxing promoter Don King-the back in the day con artist……….”Ain’t America great?”

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