1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Sports-Sleaze Factor-Everywhere”

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“Sports Sleaze Factor-Everywhere”


It goes on and on, virtually everywhere in society.

The #MeToo Era, that has claimed victims in government, entertainment, the media and more.

And so to in the sports world.

I wonder if the fans really care, or if sports is just a microcosm of all things society, as it relates to trouble in all industries.

The war of the lawyers continues to escalate in the Robert Kraft solicitation case in Jupiter, Florida. A judge refusing to release the so called sex video of Kraft having a sexual act performed on him by 2-women at a so-called massage parlor. He’s lawyered up in what has become a major national case of power and money vs right and wrong.

In Kansas City, this is a troubling story, Tyreek Hill’s 4-year old son removed from his home by Child Services after two incidents that led to an investigation of child abuse or child neglect. This years after Hill choked his then pregnant girlfriend in a terrible incident before he ever got to the NFL. The Chiefs having to deal with the Kareem Hunt assault issue last year.

Luke Walton facing a bitter battle after a TV sports anchor says he sexually assaulted her in his hotel room five years ago, and following up with a 2nd allegation as recently as just this past year. There’s a difference between making an advance,vs pinning a woman to a bed to fondle her and more.

Reuben Foster of the Redskins has been reinstated by the NFL, despite two incidents of abuse against his wife. Reinstated because she refuses to press charges against him despite making the 911 calls out of fear of injuries. Money can buy lots of things, including silence.

Former LA Kings defenseman Slava Voynov , gone from the NHL for 3-years, deported back to Russia, has a 1-year additional suspension now in a terrible, bloody, domestic abuse case, choking and injuring his wife in a drunken rage.

It’s everywhere in college athletics too, the ugly side of the slush fund issues, payoffs to parents, guardians, coaches, handlers, possibly athletes, in now what seems to be a torrent of wronged;ing that is hitting even the most prestigious programs.

And legendary singer Kate Smith, years after her death, back in the news, . Her famous ‘God Bless America’ tune, produced in 1939, now removed from Yankees Stadium and from Philadelphia Flyers NHL home games, because two recordings from the 1930s have surfaced in which she sang racially denigrating lyrics.

It’s like an every week affair we have to cover. Wonder if fans care what people on their team do, on they own time, and whom their with?

Wha an epidemic.

Fans care about scores and wins and losses. TMZ keeps scores on arrests and indictments and troublesome videos..

The sleaze factor in sports seems everywhere.


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