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“What I See–What I Feel”


Time out from sports, from spring training, from the NFL camp issues, from the NBA bubble in Orlando, the NHL’s opening of camps, to the MLS soccer tourney

Time in to talk about where we all are at this hour.

The CIF, the governing body of high school sports in California, needs to cancel fall sports, including football.  Move it to spring if need be, but student athletes in large numbers, cannot be together.  And how do schools pay for this kind of testing.

Reality has moved into the NFL house, with teams preparing to play infront of reduced crowds or now crowds.  And the Union is pushing back on the all things the NFL is trying to do to open camps on July 28th.  The NFL should postpone the start of the season till October 1st, meaning holding off camps till September, to see if the country can get a hold on the virus spike.

College football cannot go forward with camps in August.  Buy some time with a 1-month delay but the real plan should be a spring schedule.  Use all this time to practice and prepare, then play in March-April-May.

Baseball will start in two weeks, and seemingly has done a good job testing and controlling players inside the stadium venues.

The NBA camps are underway and there have been few negative tests inside the bubble in Orlando, yet.

The NHL teams are in camp now, and head to the Hub cities in a week to start the playoffs, where all the games will be in either Edmonton or Toronto, where the virus has been tamped down.

MLS soccer, ravaged by the outbreak the first week with problems with four clubs, had zero tests in the 2nd week inside their bubble…zero infections in the (1,227) tests taken.

NASCAR-Indy Car-Formula 1….testing at every track…no outbreaks at all.

It appears this can be done in most sports.

I think football is the only one it cannot be guaranteed safe.


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