1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Star Running Back-Forever Stained?”

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“Star Running Back-Forever Stained”


So how are we, how are they, supposed to feel about him?

Marshall Faulk, icon, Hall of Fame running back, NFL Network personality, is in seclusion, is in hiding.

His reputation is gone. His broadcasting career probably damaged.

Faulk, one of 7-ex NFL players, plus a producer, named in a nasty lawsuit filed by a former NFL Network employee, charging she was a victim of constant sexual harassment, sexual battery and more, over a four year period.

The ex Aztecs-Colts-Rams running back, fingered as a ‘ringleader’ of a group of NFL Network guys, who tried to hit on a female employee.

The word ‘no’ was followed by even more abuse, till she left or was terminated. Even worse, for 4-years, NFL Network officials stone-walled her and NFL execs ignored her letters.

The paragraphs about Faulk are steamy. Exposing himself to the woman in a hotel room. Pinning her to a wall, asking for oral sex. Overly aggressive sexual conversations about her personal life. Intimidation. Touching and groping, and more.

Faulk has teammates in all this.

On the sleaze meter, Ike Taylor, the ex Steeler, is named in the suit for sending the woman of video of him ‘masturbating’ in a shower and propositioning her.

Network teammate Heath Evans passed on sexual jokes, and propositioned the woman too.

Add in a network producer, who attempted to create sexual physical contact in the midst of a lot of verbal sexual abuse..

And of course there is more sordid history about the actions of Warren Sapp, Eric Daivs and Donovan McNabb, now with other networks, who did the same to this woman before they left the network for jobs other places..

Network history is littered with guys who kept their jobs, or went to other jobs, after the same sordid history, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Lawrence Taylor and more.

But this is a different time right now. Ask Warren Moon. Ask Al Franken. Ask Harvey Weinstein. Ask John Conyers. And get ready to ask more, for public figures are headed to public scorn in the coming days.

It’s everywhere, with women now showing courage to stand up and say ‘he did it to me too’.

For Faulk, so revered in our community for his accomplishments at SDSU and then in the NFL, this is a horrible ‘fall from grace’.

Does he ever work in the media again? The Hall of Fame won’t remove his statue. San Diego State shouldn’t penalize him by taking down displays in their Hall of Fame. But, behind closed doors, they have to be upset.

But you cannot think Marshall Faulk in the same feeling anymore..

This isn’t an OJ Simpson type of activity.

But it is damning for so many in San Diego who felt he was special.

Your private life is your private life, good-bad-moral-immoral. But if you break the law, it becomes public record. And when it does, we have to cover the story, sadly.

He violated the trust of friends, fans, alums, the working media and his bosses.

Never forget the greatness of Marshall Faulk. Hard to forget now, what he was doing behind closed doors.

You’d like to think we should respect his privacy. But he didn’t respect women and what was private is now public.

A football hero makes horrible decisions. End of image, end of career.

What do you say? How do you feel? Now we know how she, the victim, feels.


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