1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Stone Cold Silence-No Longer Hot Commodity”

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“Stone Cold Silence-No Longer Hot Commodity”


You are a Lakers fan. You are a basketball fan.

It’s a long, long basketball season, with starts, stops, successes and failures, in this another non-playoff season for the Lakers.

So much anticipation with the arrival of Lonzo Ball, the one and done guard from UCLA.

So much hype, so unfair. And a father who would not keep quiet.

A slow start, a surge by the kid guard, then a shoulder injury, then a sprained knee, and all momentum gone.

LaVar Ball would not shut his mouth, and wore out his welcome, with the Lakers, and then with a fawning media.

The Lakers weren’t handling his kid right. The Lakers players had lost interest in playing for Luke Walton. Lonzo would be gonzo when his contract expired, if the team didn’t draft his brother.

It went on and on.

Add to that, the father took his two younger sons to Lithuania to begin their so-called pro career with the Vyatautus team in the Baltic League.

So now the NBA season is drawing to a close.

Lonzo is struggling again on offense, in a 5-game skid, where he is shooting (23%) from the floor. Add in an awful (17%) from the thee point arc, and you can say he has yet to find any consistency to his game.

His future, of course, he has one with LA, but super stardom will be slow getting here. It will take time.

As for his brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo have both found playing abroad very hard.

The Vyatautas team is (5-20), near worst in the league.

LiAngelo, who defected from UCLA after the incident involving shoplifting in China, is averaging 9-points a game coming off the bench. LaMelo, the high school sensation, who bailed out Chino High, is averaging 5-points a game but has played just 5-games.

And LaVar, the entrepreneur, coaching his sons, has problems back home with his ‘Baller Brand’ business. Just read up on criticism from the Better Business Bureau.

As the Ball basketball team has staggered, both in the NBA and in Lithuania, LaVar has shut up too. No press conferences, or at least nobody stateside in the media, thinks he’s worth writing about.

They talked a good game, but they have not been able to back it up. To quote the always talkative President Trump, when you think all things LaVar Ball, the term ‘fake news’ seems to pop up in your mind.

Hot commodities at the start of the season. Stone cold silence now.


Gonzo wont

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