1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “The Olympics-Rings-Stained”

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“The Olympic Rings-Lots of Stain”


Russia, it’s always something with Russia.

Joe Stalin and his stalag way of life.

Kruschev banging his shoe on the UN table.

Putin, bombs, threats, Snowden, tampering with elections.

The wall may have come down decades ago, and the USSR as we used to know it, was broken up.

But all is not well in Moscow, and now surely, all is not well either with the International Olympic Committee..

In a historic move, they barred Russia,its teams and all its athleetes, from the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, the aftermath of a 3-year ind depth probe by the World Anti Doping Agency.

End result, a state-run drug test tampering program, put into place by Russian government leaders, executed by Russian IOC officials, that stained at least the last 3-Olympics, and spread out at least 8-years in all.

WADA determined that Russian drug testing labs, which controlled the tests for the Sochi 2014 Olympics, were infiltrated by corrupt Russian Olympic officials.

They tampered with at least 204 Russian urine samples of athletes from all sports. Some urine tests were swapped out. Others disappeared. Paper work falsified.

Over 100 different athletes were implicated in the scam.

That then followed by a siege of intimidation and threats against athletes doctors, coaches, who might have had knowledge of what was going on.

And now the end result. Russia as a country will not be allowed in the Olympics. Not in the opening ceremonies, not in events, not in closing ceremonies.

Each of their winter teams banned in February.

Any athletes, who has tested clear, can participate ‘unattached’, but will not be allowed to carry the Russian flag. They must petition for a hearing to be included in the games as an AOR….Athlete of Russia.

The cross country ski teams, and the biathlon teams have been expelled en masse for blood doping.

No one yet knows the status of the Russian hockey team, those playing in the KHL league, who would have played.

The Russian federation forfeits 15M in shared Olympic money. The President of the Russian Olympic Committee was expelled from Zurich and the IOC Council.

President Putin has yet to respond.

You also wonder what this does to the World Cup of Soccer, set for Russia next year. I cannot wait for that ‘fiefdom of honor’, FIFA, soccer’s governing body, to see what it does to check all this out.

The US boycotted the games during the Jimmy Carter era, robbing so many athletes of once in lifetime opportunities. We had the terroists of Munich and the killings in the rescue attempts.

This does not quite top that horror, but this is as bad as it can get. But now it is over in Russia.

Maybe they should salute the ‘clean’ Russian athletes, the Russian coaches and doctors, those with conscience, who became ‘whistleblowers’ in this case, to clean up the sport.

Those Russians deserve the Gold Medals.

It never ends, cheating, corruption, shame and stain on the Olympics.


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