1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednessday “Aztecs Football-Hawaii Bowl”

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“Aztecs Football in Hawaii”——–

San Diego State football is headed to Honolulu for the Hawaii Bowl.

A reward of a trip for the players, coming off an abnormal year.  Most people would be satisfied with a (7-5) season, but it doesn’t feel right at SDSU.

A rape investigation, a coaching firing, the transfer portal mess, injuries, a struggling offensive line, the mishandling of rhe quartrback situation.

Brady Hoke came thru a challenging time becoming a road team for 2-years while the Covid crisis consumed the country, and the school built it’s new stadium.  This past fall, was as equally a challenge too.

Look at this season as

Coach Brady Hoke

Deepest condolences to Mike Leach family
1-of-a kind guy
Coaching career is a tight community-we will miss him
Great competitive juices-really interesting guy


Fun going to Hawaii Bowl
We spent 2-weeks lifting and running with the players
We spent alot of time with our young guys

Christmas Eve we will be the only show in town aside from Santa
Really happy for players to visit the Islands…6-players from Hawaii

This is our 12th bowl game in 13-years…alot of pride
We will take the kids to Pearl Harbor sight
I have gone to alot of Bowl games-this is enjoyable trip

Middle Tennessee State very similar to us..up and down year
Gone 4-1 in Conference USA
Thrown for over 3,000-yards using their Air Raid package
Very aggressive defense, 34-sacks, 81-tackles for loss..25-takeaways
They have blocked 4-punts-well coached special teams
Also have 3-TDs on returns

Very much spread formation but run QB-counters
Chase Cunningham-QB-4500 yards really dynamic

With Bowl playoffs coming up-might be end of an era in bowls we know

Signing day in middle of Hawaii trip
Likely  to sign 18-players in high school and transfer portals
Priority will be to restock defensive line
May take 6-to-8 Transfer portal players

Jonah Tuvai named 2nd team All American at defensive tackle
Playing with his brother Justus has been neat
He made himself such a good college player-so active a talent everywhere o line
Exciting as coach seeing your players in the NFL
Cam Thomas-Thomas Bellinger-Rashad Penny play well

Braxton Burmeister has left school and the team
We have 2-players in transfer portal so far
Expect maybe 4-more after the Bowl game..it’s the business of football


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