1-Man’s Opinion Sports-Monday-11/2 “Bad Vibes-Bad Bolts-Bad Ending”

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It’s not over, this 2015-NFL season, but it might as well be over.

The Chargers are in free-fall, crashing and burning, under the weight of ridiculous injuries, player personnel mistakes madeny  their football leaders, and suffocating under the dark cloud of the attempted move to Los Angeles.

Were it not for quarterback Philip Rivers heart and talent, the Bolts would be the Detroit Lions.

Two weeks ago, they lost at home to the lowly Raiders.  Yesterday they lost to the talent-less Baltimore Ravens, who were (1-6) coming into the game.

If it had been a throwing contest between the two stars left on the roster, Rivers-vs-Joe Flacco, it might have been interesting.  But the Chargers had to send their defense on the field, and then special teams took its turn to foul up plays along the way.

You’ve never seen anything like this.  7-Chargers went off the field in the first half with a wide variety of injuries.  A total of 12-players got dinged along the way.  The body bag count is atrocious.

Name a segment of the game, and you can find problems everywhere.  Rivers took 7-hits in the first half.  The Bolts didn’t run the ball well.  Rivers dropped two snaps.  Melvin Gordon had another fumble.

Brandon Flowers gave up big plays, as did Jason Verrett.  Bad penalties.

Jacoby Jones made bad decisions on a punt in his own territory, there was a blocked PAT, and San Diego allowed a 17-yard punt return when they needed a stop.

The problems are everywhere, the solutions are nowhere to be found.

You’d feel sorry for Mike McCoy and Frank Reich, but their stubborness has something to do with this.  You like John Pagano, but his defense cannot stop people, and for the blitzez they use that get to the QB, the tradeoff is all the big yardage plays they give up Sunday-by-Sunday.

Blame John Spanos and Tom Telesco.  They wasted alot of money on free agents, who either don’t play well, or cannot stay on the field.  The draft picks don’t have a difference maker on the field.

Another year without a playoff spot for Rivers.  And who knows if next year will be in San Diego or Los Angeles.

This is as dreary as the (1-15) season in the Ryan Leaf years.  Almost as bad as the horrors of the pre-Coryell era.

Who do you blame for all this?  Bad leadership? Bad front office? Bad coaching? Bad injuries? Bad luck.

And all we have to look forward to is next Sunday’s ‘road game-at-home’ with the Bears fans taking over the stadium.




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