1-Man’s Opinion Sports-Monday 12/14 “Good Performances-Few & Far Between”

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Good Performances-Few & Far Between”


You see an effort like the Chargers put out at Arrowhead Stadium yesterday, and you wonder why it can’t be like that week in and week out.

Philip Rivers nearly ‘willed’ the team to a win in the rain-wind-and hostile environment that is Kansas City.

You think back thru the ashes of this (3-10) season, and outings like that have hardly ever occurred. Maybe the wild game in Green Bay was equal to yesterday, intensity, toughness and other components that help you to victory, or near-victory against a good team..

Yes the running game was a zero, Melvin Gordon’s 13-carries 45-yards. Yes, Malcom Floyd dropped a sure TD pass on a post pattern.

Yes, another game, another injury to the fragile left tackle King Dunlop. Yes, Chris Houston gave up 3-sacks, took a key penalty and allowed another pressure.

The shoddy run defense remained the same, allowing KC to slog their way to 150-yards on the ground, especially when it was a close game, as it got away from San Diego.

But there was effort, whether it was Melvin Ingram, or Jerry Attachou, big hits from Denzell Perryman, and a brilliant pick by Jason Verett, though he gave up 5-receptions too. Attachou had a sack, a tackle for loss and a forced fumble. You wish there could be more Sunday’s like that.

In the end, the Bolts ran out of chances, though Kansas City did alot to self-destruct. The Chiefs got as sloppy as the weather, interception, fumble, 3-costly penalties that wiped out big gains.

The record says (3-10), the losing skid is now 8-losses in 9-games. The offensive drought, no TDs in their last 22-scoring drives.

And as the national media builds a case that Mike McCoy could be-should be fired, his General Manager, Tom Telesco, with new contract in pocket, is doing a Dean Spanos imitation, staying silent.

Next Sunday is the final home game of the year. If you follow the conversation of Spanos and henchman Mark Fabiani, this will likely be the last home game ever for the Chargers, for those guys want to be in Los Angeles.

You see flashes from this team, but surely not enough. All we know is this misery ends in 3-weeks, and this team is in the running for the lst pick in the NFL draft.

Not a good team, not a good environment, surely not a good season, even if we gave the team a game-ball for grit after the KC loss.





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