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“This-That-Some of the Other”




Is the correct phrase, ‘it’s always darkest before the light’, or is it ‘it’s always darkest before the storm’? Ever seen anything as hideous as Chargers football right now.

The Ryan Leaf era was pretty bad.  So was the Kevin Gilbride era.  This team is as bad as some of those teams, with the exception of #17 at quarterback, and even he is showing wear and tear.

The Bolts get bashed at home again, their fifth loss in a row, getting pounded by the Denver Broncos defense.  Philip Rivers, last man standing, takes 4-sacks, 10-pressures-11 hits, and get pancaked by Von Miller and none of his offensive linemen come to his defense.

Melvin Gordon ball protection remains an issue.  2-more fumbles, another one lost, and benched.  He also missed a blitz on a Rivers sack.  Team in front of him not good, he’s not playing well either.

Hard to believe any team with Philip Rivers would lose 5-in a row at home, they have, and have no offensive touchdowns in their  last 11-quarters, covering 3-games at home.  Rivers and company have not scored a TD since the first quarter of the Bears game, November 9th.

Hated to see the neck injury to WR-Dontrelle Inman.  It was not intentional, but helmet to back of the neck.  The Brandon Flowers knee injury was a fluke, flying bodies, but damage done.

Sorry, I like the edge Jahleel Addae plays with, but I don’t like helmet hits, and he does that, and ditto for Melvin Ingram, who will be getting a letter from the NFL this week about a fine.

Tom Telesco gets a 3-year contact extension in the midst of a (3-9) season.  Don’t know why.  Similar bad move by owner Dean Spanos a group of years ago, as AJ Smith and Norv Turner drove the team off the road, he gave them extensions.  How’d that work out?.

It surely looks like changes are coming to that coaching staff.  Just tough to decide whether this is the result of injuries, a woeful roster, poor schemes, bad coordinators, or Mike McCoy leadership.  The only thing we know is a horrid season with an owner who wants to take the team to LA.

If I hear Mike McCoy say we’re working on a good game plan for the next game, I’m going to vomit.  His good game plans have gotten this team 9-losses this year, and 12-in their last 15-games.

Don’t you love the color Orange-San Diego.  First it was the brazen Giants fans in the Barry Bonds era, and now it’s Broncos fans taking over Qualcomm Stadium.

Three of the next four are on the road.  Cannot believe how far this franchise has fallen.  The Telesco-McCoy tandem inherited a near playoff team three years ago.  No playoffs this year, and maybe not for awhile.

Next up, Arrowhead Stadium, where those guys, the Chiefs have ripped off 6-wins in a row after a (1-5) start.

Chargers football, it’s pretty dark right now.  that’s probably a storm coming.  I don’t see any light for better times.







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