1-Man’s Opinion Sports-Monday “Chargers = Hollywood”

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“Chargers = Hollywood”




Hollywood-the entertainment capitol of the World.he Chargers, with a star quarterback, that is all Hollywood too.

The Chargers lost to the Cowboys on the final play of the game on Sunday on a 56-yard field goal (20-17).

But it was a real show from opening kickoff to final kick and much of it was triggered by the Chargers second year quarterback, Justin ‘Hollywood’ Herbert.

Herbert was dazzling (337Y) passing with 1-TD.  He was tough, surviving 2-interceptions..2-sacks, 9-pressures-7-hits along the way. At one point in the game-he completed 16-passes in a row and he resembled a mad bomber with his big down the field passes.

He matched and exceeded Dallas’ star QB-Dak Prescott, who wound up with a (237Y) passing day, complimented by 180Y-rushing from his running back.

Sunday featured a wide variety of Hollywood supporting actors too.  Mike Williams and Keenan Allen combined for 11-catches and 199-yards.  Austin Ekler chipped in with 115-all purpose yards.

Asante Samuel had a pick and a pass breakup..,. Nassim Adderley had a key deflection..Joey Bosa had 2-pressures and a couple of QB hits

But there were villains in this screen play.  The Chargers self destructed, wiping two TDs off the books  major offensive line penalties.  They also negated another big pass deep into Cowboys territory by another penalty.  And there was a bad facemark penalty on a punt.

The Bolts threw an interception in the end zone and one in at the 20-yard line.  They conceivably could have had 21-more points in the game.

There were 2-tauning penalties against Keenan Allen and Jared Cook.  There were 12-flags in all for 99-yards against the Chargers

When these two teams were done, there were a combined (827Y) in offense.

Could have won-should have won-hope the Chargers  don’t regret they did not win.

Dallas did win, despite being down both starting defensive ends, and 5-starters in all

It was good NFL theatre thanks to its Hollywood quarterback.

Indeed, Hollywood-the entertainment capitol of the world, at least for one Sunday






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