1-Man’s Opinion Sports-Thursday “Do You Feel Sorry for Mike McCoy”

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“How Do You Like A Man Like This?”


The losses pile up…and so do the injuries, in what is turning out to be a another hopeless season for the Chargers.

This news, the season ending knee surgery to CB-Jason Verrett, as devastating as the losses of RB-Danny Woodhead and WR-Keenan Allen.

The body bag official count is his top CB, top safety, top 3rd down back and top utility running back, starting inside linebacker, his 1st and 3rd wide receivers, a backup tight end, and a kickoff man from a year ago. And you thought going thru 11-offensive lineman and 23-offensive line combinations was a nightmare last season. There are still 12-games to be played before this root canal surgery ends.

McCoy, his glare and stare, is not to blame for any of that, for he is a victim, no different than any other coach who loses key players.

But there are so many other things wrong with this McCoy led franchise.

Losers of 15-of their last 20-games, and 21-of-30, Mike McCoy’s coaching career is on the brink of falling off the cliff.

Part of me feels sorry for him, for he has never been able to duplicate his first season in San Diego, when they went (9-7), got to the playoffs, and won a postseason game.

It’s been tragic since then. This the 3rd straight year of devastating injuries, to the offensive line, then to the defense, and now their best skill players.

In his tenure, the Chargers have had horrifying 4th quarter collapses, and some of the worst beatdowns infront of home fans at the Q the last couple of years.

It’s bad enough McCoy seems overwhelmed on game day, unable to find a way to get the right plays and players to make the key plays to stop all these fourth quarter losses.

It was bad enough, when the man stands up and says “Blame Me” but at the end of last season, blamed 9-assistant coaches, whom he fired.

It’s sad that he stands at the podium, and lies thru his teeth to the media about the depth of injuries, dating back to his first year, right thru this past Monday, when he told the media there were no significant injuries to his top 53-players, yet he had to know, should have known Verrett had been ailing for two weeks.

At least we know the horror-show game Verrett played in Indianapolis was not entirely him, but in part trying to play with an unknown injury.

You’d like to root for the underdog, and that’s what McCoy has become, because everything has fallen apart around him.

I just get the eerie feeling, the way he acts, his inability to overcome obstacles, and his condescending personailty, has built a wall of ill-will, he cannot hurdle now. It flashes back to the failure Kevin Gilbride became and how he acted and dealt with it all, before they dumped him.

History will write not everyone is head coaching material. Some are great lifetime coordinators, and that’s fine.

It’s not his fault entirely, but some of it is. And in the NFL, you don’t fire a football team, and you never see an owner blaming himself, so the coach becomes the focal point of lots that is wrong.

He was the hot guy coming in, in the best set of circumstances. And everything has gone wrong since the end of his opening season.

You’d like to like him, but all that has happened, what he controls and what he cannot control, seems to have doomed their experience, no many how many contract extensions the owner, his son, and the general manager want to hand out.


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