1-Man’s Opinion Sports-Tuesday–9/15 “Bolts & Bucks”

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I tried to think of a couple of things I’d say to Chargers owner Dean Spanos, if he ever had the courage to meet with the San Diego media, on opening day at Qualcomm Stadium.

But I think the fans in the stands, the news in the magazine, pretty much said it all.

Another Chargers sellout for the season opening win against the Detroit Lions. Lots of passion from the paying public, and sheer profit for the owner.

Meanwhile in St. Louis, only 44,500 show up for the Rams-Seahawks opener, a show of real public resentment against owner Stan Kroenke, not that he really cares.

San Diego fans have bought over 55,000 season ticket packages, in a continued show of support and emotional attachment as host of the team for over 50 years.

Meanwhile on the newsstand this week, Forbes Magazine’s financial rankings of all the NFL teams, and the astounding stat that shows the Chargers profits jumped 62% last year, thanks to an influx of more money from television contract upgrades. The team’s worth has rocketed to 1.5B, which seems high, but would be higher if they were in a shiny new stadium in Mission Valley. The franchise that cries poor, receives 226M a year in NFL shared revenue.

Of course, we know whomever winds up in Los Angeles figures to rake in even more monstrous profits in the 2nd media market in the world.

So it leads to the series of questions I would pose to Dean Spanos.

How much more profit do you need?

Did it register in your heart the emotional outpouring from the fans in San Diego?

Making the money-profits you are making, why can’t you put more into the Stadium to cement your legacy here?

Questions I’d ask, but knowing he is in hiding from all the media, I’ll just pose them to you.

What do you think of the fans buying tickets, before the owner leaves town, fanatics or fools.?

What do you think of he owner himself?

Is the owner about passion from this town, or just profits from this town?

Waiting for answers, we’ll never get from him, but maybe from you.



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