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“Remembering Buddy Ryan”


Buddy Ryan was bombast and beligerrant…blunt and and brutish…..beloved and despised.

If Paul Brown revolutionalized how you ran a football team, then Bill Walsh was the Godfather of forever changing offenses, we must believe Buddy Ryan was greatest defensive mind ever, with apologies to Don Coryell and Bill Belicheck.

Wherever he went, there was impact. There was talent, there was carnage. It usually ended badly for him, but he left behind a legacy of lovers and haters..

The NFL brethern remember him, his style, his philosophy, his phrases.

Buddy Ryan….Legendary Chicago Bears defensive coordinator…Eagles-Arizona head coach….Passes Away (82)-Alzheimer’s and old age….Designed the powerful “46” defense for the Bears 1985 Super Bowl team…had NFL record 72-quarterback sacks…..Personality was ‘Bravado-Bombast’……Had angry arguments with Coach Mike Ditka despite (15-1) record during Super Bowl season..Punched Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride on sideline while they were assistants on Houston Oilers staff…..Mouthy during his entire career….”You got a winner here” when he took over Arizona Cardinals…..”They don’t count anymore” referencing injured players on his Arizona roster….”You guy are my heroes” in letter written to Bears defense in ’85…..”Get ready for Body Bag Game”-preparing for win over Washington…..”Attack-Attack-Attack”….written on blackboard heading into Super Bowl in over Patriots.

Buddy Ryan….Reaction from others around the NFL
Mike Ditka..We would never have won in ’85-without each other.
Mike Singletary…I would have been just another guy without him.
Wade Phillips…Greatest influence on my career.
Deion Sanders…He was hard work and tenacity.
Steve McMichael..Somebody in heaven just lost thier defensive coordinators job.
Bears ownership..Architect of greatest defense in history NFL
Eagles ownership..Left his mark on NFL
Cardinals ownership…Most colorful person in NFL
Bills ownership…Legend-Innovator-Game Changer
Patriots ownership….Ahead of his time.

Buddy Ryan…Most Famous Quotes
You Got a Winner here.
It’s Us-Against-Them
Machine Gun the lifeboats
I’ll trade you for a 6-Pack of Beer-don’t even care if it’s warm
You look like a backup USFL guard
You’re a fat old washer woman
You’re name General Hospital-always hurt
I’ll trade my team for your team-sight unseen
The owner-the man in France
Our offense couldn’t piss a drop
Injured players don’t count anymore to me.

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