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“The More things Change-the more they stay the same”


It was quite a road trip I took…my 11-day saga to the Canadian Rockies. You know some of the names, Banff, Jasper. Some you really wouldn’t like Prince Rupert-Port Hardy-Kamloops.

Took a close up view of where I had been before, hockey stops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver.

It was hard to keep up with things day-to-day from such a long distance with spotty phone service and limited internet access, and Canadian TV that is interested in running wall to wall Blue Jays coverage, English Premiere soccer, and talking hockey history.

But back in town, good to see, the more things change, the more they stayed the same.

The Padres continued to spin their wheels, wiping out their playoff hopes, losing three straight at home to the Fighting Phillies. So much for the (90-72) season I projected. I am not sure how we should view this team if they sprint to the finish line, missing the playoffs, but closing the season with an upbeat record. If you don’t play in October then I don’t think your season was a success, especially with this roster and payroll.

This is going to be some off season of scrutiny of Padres leadership. They failed didn’t they?.

The Chargers camp is open, the clock continues to tick on the Stadium situation. Another day, another dose of poison venom from Mark Fabiani on behalf of owner Dean Spanos.

Philip Rivers gets rewarded with the superstar deal, a superstar quarterback deserves. Wonder if he and his family will enjoy LA?

The offensive roster seems promising, the defense has much to prove, and I take nothing from the win over Dallas, considering there was no sighting of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant or other marquee names on the field. .

Was surprised to learn San Diego State still does not have a starting quarterback, though they have a bunch on the roster. Still believe the Kentucky transfer Maxwell Smith will be better than advertised, and that SDSU defense will be robust. Maybe Rocky Long is just taking time to give lots of lst team snaps to his freshman thrower with the lst teamers. Smith still seems the real deal for this final season.

USD doesn’t have a quarterback and that’s a problem, not just for playing in the Pioneer League, but because they open against State in a game that should not be played. You know 85-scholarship school vs non-scholarship team.

The Gulls will likely introduce their new coach next week, but I know lots about them. Building something really solid from the goal out, and now the parent Ducks are signing all these insurance policy forwards, who will likely be spending time here in the AHL. Just have to come up with some young goal scoring snipers for coach Dallas Eakins.

It was fun to be away. Got stopped by lots of people asking me about the Bolts future, the Friars failures, and hockey returning to this market.

The calendar changed, the storylines with the teams really didn’t, just the scenery as I was tramping around British Columbia and Alberta.


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