1-Man’s Opinion-Tuesday-10/13 “Chargers Loss-Not Just a Normal Setback”

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Devastating.  That’s about the only way to describe lasts night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, this last second setback to a team that didn’t have its star quarterback, and doesn’t have much of a defense either.

But then again, the Chargers don’t have much of a team either.

If this franchise didn’t have bad luck, it would have no luck at all.  The body bag count of injured players is mounting.  The poor play of a number of veteran players is alarming.

Philip Rivers hung in there to throw for 365-yards and a couple of scores.  Antonio Gates, coming off his four game suspension, caught 9-for-92.

Virtually no one else contributed with any consistency, and that’s why this team is in trouble.

The refugee offensive line took 6-penalties, allowed 2-sacks, and 5-hits on Rivers.  There was virtually no running game, and there was another Melvin Gordon fumble.  Rivers threw another pick six interception under enormous pressure from the rush.

The secondary broke down.   Brandon Flowers, who appears to have woken up this season as an old man, can no longer run.  He gave up a TD pass to Marcus Wheaton, got beat on the goaline by Heath Miller’s last second catch, and gave up 5-other catches.

It was gruesome to watch San Diego struggle so badly around Rivers.

This is a roster problem, an injury problem, a leadership problem.  It’s not likely to be a playoff team either.

The roster is flawed, its hurt, the schemes don’t work on defense.

So it begs the question, do the Chargers have the right General Manager?  Is Mike McCoy overwhelmed as the coach?

Will the fans walk away from the team as the owner continues his drive to relocate to LA?

Good teams beat up bad teams, and take advantage of injured teams. The Chargers haven’t done that this season, and Green Bay awaits.  The Chargers aren’t a good team.

This was devastating on many fronts.




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