1-Man’s Opinion-Tuesday 9/1 “If I Were King”

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If I were the king, and if I had parking space number 3-in the garage at Petco Park next to the Padres offices, I’d start making changes for 2016.
This is a disappointing season, and as GM, it definitely falls at my front door.
I guessed wrong on some players. I gave out too much in contract money. I took on some people’s deals I shouldn’t.
But although this season is lost, the franchise isn’t. Here’s my game plan going forward.
I really like the threat of Justin Upton in my everyday lineup. He hits well in this yard, plays hard, and is better than I thought on defense. I am offering him a 17M base contract for next season, hope he accepts it, to stay where he plays well. I might even entertain a multi year deal. I want him in left field.
It’s taken awhile, but my coaches have found flaws in the Melvin Upton swing, and his batting average has improved, his power is still there too. I like the glove and the speed. 16M a year is pretty pricey, but I made the deal, and I keep him in center.
Matt Kemp becomes all mine next year and 21M is alot of money. But the power has returned, the passion has always been there.
I want Wil Myers athleticism back, and want him in my lineup. I hope I didn’t get damaged goods with the wrist. If he can stay healthy, he plays first, and that (.291) batting average does not seem to be a mirage.
I think alot of Yonder Alonso’s professionalism. He’s a near Gold Glove status at first, and I think is strong enough defensively to play third, where he has dabbled. He can throw, he is quick, and his bat seems solid.
Jedd Gyorko doesn’t look like a prototype shortstop, but he excelled there in college, and does get to lots of balls. And since coming back from El Paso, having changed his stance and footwork at the plate, he is hitting again, and with some power.
I do like Corey Spangenberg’s quickness, size, first step going for balls and getting out of the batters box. I think he can grow at the plate, and I want him as my 2nd baseman.
Catcher, Derek Norris has so much fire and leadership. Austin Hedges has such a great glove.  Keepers.
Yes I know, there won’t be any games in October. Yes I overpaid for James Shields, and yes I stripped the farm system.
But this is another off season, all teams are flush with money, and we will have some to spend.
But I like my everyday roster as it has come together, and if healthy, is better than the sub.500 team we have at the Stadium tonite.
Manager? I wish I could tell you. Bud Black was a fine gentleman and a good baseball man. Guess the jury is still out on Pat Murphy. The team is no better under his leadership than it was under the last guy.
I guess I should be worried, that if Black winds up somewhere else, Seattle, Boston or whatever opens, he takes Darren Balsley, Mark Kotsay, Dave Roberts and Glen Hoffman with him.
My roster seems okay. My dugout leadership may have to go back to square one.
If I were King, rather than a TV anchor and talkshow host, that’s what I would do.



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