1-Man’s Opinion-Tuesday-9/22 “Baseball in San Diego-Drive You Crazy”

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The Padres have begun their final homestand of the season, a year that was supposed to have the franchise “Play in October”.

They won’t be for sure, having fallen out of the wildcard playoff hunt as far back as July, and now staggering to their 12th likely losing season in 17-years.

The last time they were in a pennant race was the final day of the 2010 season when they lost to the Giants in the last game on the schedule.

The last time they were in the postseason was 2006. And by the way, Matt Holliday of the Colorado Rockies, has yet to touch home plate.

The World Series, in the eras of Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman seems like another lifetime ago.

I bring this up, because two of baseball’s modern day losers are doing great things in their respective cities.

The Pittsburgh Pirates went 20-years between postseason appearances, and here they are positioned to go back into the Wildcard playoffs again.

Kansas City, an eve worse run franchise, stockpiled all those high draft picks over the years, and has the elite record in the American League.

The Bucs are led by lots of home grown players, anchored by slugging outfielder Andrew McCutchen and 17-game winner Gerrit Cole on the mound.

The Royals are reaping the dividends of the Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustaksas drafts of lost years gone by.

The Bucs and KC had many of the problems that currently afflict the Friars. A history of tightwad owners, faulty GMs, bad drafts, and bad luck with injuries. They finally turned the corner with the right hires, Drayton Moore and Neil Huntington, as GMs.

We can only hope for the future, cause there is nothing there today to be excited about.
San Diego, well we have that big payroll, and guys headed to free agency, and some bad contracts. Our best young players are with the Washington Nationals, Joe Ross and Treu Turner.

It is just mind-boggling to see all the changes in the Padres organization, from 3-owners, 4-general managers, the multiples of Team Presidents, and see where we are in the standings this morning.

Hard to believe, the Padres cannot get it right, while Kansas City and Pittsburgh, sell out, and will be ‘Playing in October’.

Maybe someday it will be like that in San Diego. Surely not today, and I fear because of all the changes and mistakes, it may take lots of tomorrow’s to get there.



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