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It’s just three weeks into the NFL season.  Sometimes he tells the truth, sometimes he fibs, most times he paints a positive picture.

That’s what NFL coaches are supposed to do, motivate, fix, lead.  And so Chargers coach Mike McCoy put on his ‘best face’ on Monday, after the Vikings gave his tream a black eye..

Despite the pounding in Minnesota, he spoke volumes about heart, desire, effort.  Yes he admitted areas of concern about his (1-2) football team.

Reality shows we are just 3-weeks into a 16-week marathon run.  And though run over by Cincinnati, and smashed and mashed by Minnesota, there is still lots of football to play.

Luckily for San Diego, here comes a very poor Clevelande team, with issues at quarterback, even with Johnny Manziel, erratic play at running back, suspensions at wide receiver, and injury issues on defense.

Fans may not be pleased with the deficiencies in San Diego, but if you compare them to the wide variety of awful stats from the Browns, the Bolts are a much better team.

But that does not mean things are fine and dandy.  A chewed up offensive line.  Concussion issues to key players.  A secondary now very thin by nagging injuries.  A non-existent pass rush in a throwing league.

Of bigger concern, how to patch the leaky dike, when you have no way of going out to get other players.

Well, the Chargers could have had a shot at a pass rusher, if they were willing to spend a 6th round pick to take on Jared Allen, whom the Bears dealt away last night.

There are no offensive lineman out there to be had.  Defensive backs available now, are available for one and only one reason, they cannot play.

So Mike McCoy can preach positive, eventhough the videos, the telecasts, the columns all deal with negatives.

The media aren’t dummies.  Some of the season ticket buyers know and love the game.  There are lots of problems on this roster right now, despite glowing praise by the coach about the character of his troops..

And if Mike McCoy follows thru on his statement of a brutally honest evaluation by the coaches about his roster after these back to back beatdowns, then maybe they will change the scheme.  You surely can’t change the players.

And McCoy right now isn’t willing to change his sales pitch to the public nor his players.

Will only say this.  Glad the Browns, and the Ben Roethlisberger-less Steelers are on the schedule the next couple of weeks.

Maybe they post a win over Johnny Football and Cleveland, and then Michael Vick and the Steelers.

Hope.  It’s about the only truthful thing you’ll find being said around the Fortress these days.




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