1-Man’s Opinion-Tuesday “A Life Lost-Senseless”

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They are grieving in New Orleans, across the NFL, and in his hometown of Utica, New York.

No one can rationalize why someone so good would have his life snuffed out so quickly, over something so meaningless.

Will Smith, in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame, is dead, shot four times as he sat in the front seat of his car. His wife suffered two leg wounds as she sat in her passenger side seat.

Smith, a lst round draft pick, who spent 10-years in the NFL, gunned down, by a motorist in the midst of a road rage incident.

The 28-year old killer, a former high school football star from New Orleans, arrested as he tried to escape.

Cardell Hayes Hummer-SUV rear-ended Smith’s car, triggering a chain reaction accident involving a 3rd car. An argument ensued, and as Smith went back to his car to call his insurance agent, Hayes walked up and pumped 6-to-8 shots into the vehicle. Smith died instantly.

Hayes lawyer says his client had been involved in a sideswipe incident minutes before and was driving trying to find the car that hit him, when he hit Smith’s car. He says Hayes stayed and called 911 and was arrested.

That being said, Hayes fired into the player’s car. The lawyer says the driver should not be charged with 2nd degree murder and attempted murder.

Will Smith was a good player, and an even better person. A star at Ohio State, a native of upstate New York, a quality student and entrepreneur, he gave back to his communities.

Not just as a football player on game-day, but also in retirement. He had foundations and donated large amounts of money to inner city schools in the Crescent City. He setup a similar foundation in his hometown of Utica in 2-inner city schools there. He was an active Buckeye Alumni.

We live in an angry society, with troubled people. A society where guns are everywhere, legal and illegal. And where gunshots ring out to take lives, innocent lives, of good people, people like Will Smith.

You only need to go to the Saints practice facility, or Proctor High School in Utica to hear people talk about Will Smith, player and person.

A good person-life lost.

Sad and Sick.


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