1-Man’s Opinions on Sports-Monday. “Super Bowl-Super Finish-Super Prediction”

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“Super Bowl–Super Finish”


I told you what would happen, and it did.

I projected the Chiefs would beat the 49ers (30-20) on KUSI-TV on Sunday morning.  The Chiefs won (31-20) on Sunday night.

I said you could get excited if the Niners shutdown Chiefs QB-Patrick Mahomes for 3-possessions in a row, but what would happen the other 4-times he had the ball?  San Francisco shut him down for 39-minutes-kept him out of the end zone 3-times, then watched Mahomes lead Kansas City on 3-scoring drives in the final 5-minuts of the game.

I know what I know about the NFL.

San Francisco did everything they had to do, for 39-minutes in the game, then died in the fourth quarter.

Mahomes hit big plays when he had to, a 44-yard pass to Tyreek Hill leading to a TD, then a 38-yard pass to Sammy Watkins, leading to another TD pass in the final quarter to get the lead.  Then his running back Damien Williams bolted 38-yards for the game clinching score with 1-minute left to end it.

You may slow Mahomes down during the game, but history shows as long as he has possessions, he can lead his team to scores.  It’s the third straight come from behind win for the Chiefs quarterback in this years playoffs.

This Super Bowl Sunday night win was even more impressive than the KC rally, coming from a (24-0) deficit, in beating the Houston Texans in a home playoff game.  This was just as gritty a win as the AFC-title win, roaring back to eliminate the Tennessee Titans.  They did this against the NFL bully-boys on defense wearing the helmet with ‘SF’ on the side decal.

San Francisco battered the KC-QB.  2-sacks, 8-hits, an astounding 14-pressures chasing him out of the pocket, and yet Mahomes persevered.  The Chiefs wound up with 19-plays of 9-yards or more in the win, an impressive number considering this was the most impressive defense in the NFL.

The San Francisco pass rush was enormous, led by Nick Boss and DeForest Buckner.  The defense knocked the Chiefs out of their offensive rhythm in the game.  San Fran had carved out a (20-10) lead with just 5-minutes left.

Credit the Chiefs blitz happy defense for making critical plays when they needed it.  On the final 3-San Francisco possessions with the game on the line, Chris Jones-Frank Clark and the KC front, had a huge 4th down quarterback sack to take over on downs….picked off a pass…and forced San Francisco into a 3-and-out.  They got tougher and tougher as the game went on.

In what was supposed to be a game of spectacular fireworks on offense, it turned out to be a street fight-slugfest on defense.

The first Super Bowl win in 50-years for Kansas City, dating back to the old days of Hank Stram and the old AFL.

For San Francisco, a bitter loss, just five minutes away from victory when the Kansas City earthquake fell in on them.

Great game, great finish.  Great win-KC.  Great loss for San Francisco.

For me, as I projected it to be, a Chiefs win.

Super game-super finish–super prediction too.




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