1-Man’s Opinon Column–Friday “Chargers-Problems Everywhere”

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“Chargers-Problems Everywhere”


It’s only week four of the NFL season, and the Good Ship Lightning Bolt is taking on water in every compartment.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos, who holds the media in disdain, met with the Editorial Board of the Union-Trubine yesterday, and tried to sales-pitch them on the idea, building the downtown Stadium is good for everyone, the city, tourism, his team. Of course it’s good if the bulk of the stadium is paid for by an increased hotel tax, fans purchase of PSL’s and Corporate stadium naming rights, and he doesn’t put any of his money in the pot. .

GM-Tom Telesco’s team is falling apart with more injuries, especially in the offensive front. The idea to open the season with a roster of backups, all young, fast, but inexperienced, has put his team in jeopardy. Not to say the hardline stance they took towards DE-Joey Bosa, has worked out either. He held out, got hurt in his lst workout, and looks like he is washing out at least the first third of the season, unable to get on the field.

Coach Mike McCoy is under seige. A twitter poll of fans responding, more than 800 in all, voted (91%-to-9%) “no confidence” that he can make this team a winner. Two more fourth quarter collapses this season have a tendency to do that to your credibility.

Offensive line issues are everywhere, now with the migraine headaches plaguing LT-King Dunlap since last week. McCoy must have cut class at Utah the day they taught medicine, because the coach does not think migraines have anything to do with the 4-NFL concussions Dunlap has had. LG-Orlando Franklin is ailing, shoulder, and RT-Joe Barksdale has a foot issue. Rookies await their chance to play.

Look for teams to load the box to slow down Melvin Gordon and the run, meaning Philip Rivers receivers will have to win lots of 1-on-1 battles to make catches, get yards, get first downs and score TDs. Against a pitiful Colts defense, San Diego had 1-offensive touchdown in 10-drives. Sign of things to come?

The defense isn’t what we hoped for, and now there is no Mantei Te’o nor Jahleel Addae. The defense is giving up (403) yards per game. Any real Jerry Attaochu or Melvin Ingram sightings.

Special teams is a bit iffy right now. A missed extra point from Josh Lambo. A whole game of shaky punts from Drew Kasor. Not so good this early in the season.

And here comes Drew Brees and the pass-happy New Orleans Saints. Yes the Saints defense is in shreds, worse than San Diego, giving up a horrific (448Y) per Sunday. But Brees makes up for it by leading the NFL in passing, with an offense that goes up and down the field to the tune of (423Y) per game.

So come Sunday, unless the Chargers get some water from Lourdes to help the ill-injured and infirmed, or unless the Saints are allowed to play CFL rules, 12-on defense, it will be a shootout. Maybe 38-35-last guy touches it wins. And we know how end of the game efforts go in San Diego.

Hope the Good Ship Lightning Bolt doesn’t capsize. If they lose, and go (1-3), the season will be sunk. And Dean Spanos thought he had just Stadium problems.


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