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“Lakers Fans-Having a Ball-Lakers Find a Baller”



“Lakers Fans Having a Ball-Lakers Have Drafted a Baller”

He is humble, he is vibrant, he is selfless, he is exceptional.

Lonzo Ball has given a good accounting of himself for the Lakers, as they get ready to play in the NBA Summer League championship game in Las Vegas.

Take away opening game jitters, and that (2-15) shooting night, you have seen enormous upside in the 2nd pick in the draft.

He is averaging 16 points a game….7-rebounds and 8-assists per game.

His all-court vision and his rifle passes to any and all teammates is spectacular.

His quickness and his length to create plays off the dribble has been exceptional.

He is not a complete player, but then again, at age 19, who is?

His shooting percentage is in the 37% range, but this is just the first time he’s matched up with some NBA rookies.

He gets lost on defense, has not shown the ability to physically fight thru picks, and seems a step or two slow on pick and rolls.

But then again, he is a 1-and-done player who got his first taste of big time competition and really overwhelmed foes in the Pac 12-Conference.

His conditioning seems above the line, and he has averaged almost 32-minutes a game with the Lakers rookie.

His biggest challenge, will his unorthodox jump shot, fired from chest high, become an issue when he starts to play against the big boys? And that promises to be a real challenge against fast twitch and physical defenders he will be facing in the association.

And yes, it is against summer league competition, most guys he is beating won’t be in anyone’s camp come September.

But it’s a start, and it’s not just Lonzo as the storyline on the Lakers.

Big forward Kyle Kozma is averaging 24 a game. Vander Blue has come out of nowhere to get a contract, and is averaging 17 a game.

So the Lakers look forward to camp, with possibly 3-hot rookies to join the young vets on the roster, Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson.

It’s too early to say ‘Showtime’ is back, because Lonzo has yet to lineup against Chris Paul, James Harden and all the other firepower guys in the NBA.

But the explosive plays have been spectacular to see, and the noise from his father is seemingly gone too. Positives all the way around.

Lakers fans are having a ball. And the Lakers look like they have drafted a baller.


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