A-Rod, A-lot more trouble…

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He stayed silent all baseball season long, during his banishment from the game.
He has yet to say a word since the World Series ended, but his name is being splashed everywhere.  And as always is the case, it looks bad.
Alex Rodriguez was restored to the Yankees roster the day the World Series ended, but you wonder if he will ever get to opening day in 2015.
The normal baseball questions would involve typical items.  Did the year’s layoff due to the drug suspension allow too much rust to gather?  How will his surgically repaired hip respond-did the year off help him in rehab?  Have his baseball skills eroded now that he is beyond age 36?  Can he be a fulltime DH and just a part-time player in the field?
That would be the normal tone of questions going forward.  But nothing with Alex Rodriguez is normal, especially now.
In the one week since the World Series ended, his cousin, Yuri Sucart, his so-called mule, who supplied him with PEDs while in Texas, has now been indicted on 7-different felonies, the aftermath of the Biogenesis scandal.
A-Rod was suspended for a full calendar year, because of his three year relationship with Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis.
Then days later, the DEA report into Biogenesis is released, and they confirm A-Rod admitted to them under oath, he was a regular client of Bosch, taking HGH injections, and spending 12,000 per month for testosterone creams and pills.  All this after A-Rod had denied forever, he was a PED abuser, saying 2003 was the last time he touched the stuff.
Rodriguez is facing more trouble, and maybe not just from the Yankees, who could sue him to void the final three years and 61M-they owe him on his contract.
Sucart’s wife is smearing A-Rod now, about hush money he reportedly offered last year to his ‘cousin’.  And now with Sucart heading to trial, A-‘Rod may have to testify about his in-depth relationship with the shady PED dealers.
And here’s the kicker, under oath, testifying in the Sucart case, they may offer evidence A-Rod himself delivered clients to Tony Bosch.  End result, drug user, now becomes drug peddler-trafficker.
Baseball could then re-open its probe of Rodriguez, and try to discipline him again.
Just when you thought we had gotten to the off-season, A-Rod reappears, drug baggage and all, with lots of new twists and turns, not in the batters box, but possibly in a court of law.
The offseason involving the Yankees will be very interesting, maybe not so much for the players they add, but maybe the player they might get rid of.  The A-Rod story was silent all season long…off-season, that is some loud drumbeat we hear.
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