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We’re getting down to the final cut down date in the NFL. 
Right after the games tonight, teams will go from 75 on the roster to 53 for the opening of the season.  Starting at midnight tonight, 704-players will be cut off rosters.
Sure there will be some interesting names made available, but not many of them will be difference makers if they go to another team.  But there is one out there who is drawing lots of attention, and for a really different reason.
Tampa Bay needs help at the position, so does Indianapolis, and the New York Giants.  Help at guard, where injuries and retirements have decimated their ranks.
And there he is on a street corner, waiting for a phone call, after getting suspended last year amidst a firestorm of controversy.
Richie Incognito is hoping to sign a contract and get another chance.  Incognito, the ringleader, of the Miami Dolphins hazing incident, that wrecked their season a year ago.  He wound up getting suspended for 9-weeks, lost his job, his salary, and almost his livelihood.
Jonathan Martin, the young tackle from Miami, the victim of all the abuse is gone from Miami too, traded to the 49ers, in a giveaway deal just to get him off the team.
But the burning question, is another team willing to take a chance on someone like Incognito, redneck, hot head, emotionally unhinged at times?  There’s no doubt he can play, no doubt he is a tough guy, no doubt at times he can be a leader so others can follow, and no doubt the guy who will take penalties and do some over the line things..
But you cannot get away from all the slurs, the racial issues, the sexually snide comments, and the out-of-control persona he can be on the field and in games.
The Rams got rid of him when they needed lineman.  Miami cut him loose like you’d cut a cancerous cell out of your body.
But in the history of the NFL, there’s always somebody out there who will take a chance, that “I can control the guy, get the best out of him, and not let him burn my lock room to the ground.”  Teams always need players and the guy can play..
So pay attention to your team in tonight’s final games on the preseason schedule, look for names cut and sent to the waiver wire, and wait and see where Richie Incognito lands, because it is likely going to happen pretty quickly.
Richie Incognito will take your call shortly and sign and come play for you.  Mid-level player even if at times a sub-standard person.  Still fit to be on an NFL roster.  
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