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It is amazing what athletes can do, not just on the field, but in society.
It is amazing what social media has triggered just because someone had an idea to help raise money.
You don’t know Steve Gleason, I do.  I don’t know OJ Brigance, but know his story.  We are just learning too about Ted Shaw.
NFL-CFL players afflicted with ALS-the crippling Lou Gehrig disease, that has their life on the clock.
Brigance works out of a wheelchair for the Baltimore Ravens, as an ambassador, though his life functions are severely diminished as we await the final outcome of his struggles.  He played in Baltimore and before that in the CFL.  He has fought the disease for 7-years.
Gleason was a blue collar linebacker at Washington State, and a very good special teams player with the Saints.  He is now confined on a downhill track with the horrors of ALS just infront of him.
Ted Shaw just retired from the Eagles, and has been diagnosed with the early stages of this too at age 27.
Across America, and around the NFL, players are doing the Ice Challenge, dumping ice cubes and water on each other, and donating tens of thousands of dollars directed towards ALS.
The Tennessee Titans stood on the field on Wednesday night, all 90 on the roster, made donations and did the ice bucket challenge.  It is spreading like wildfire across America.
In just over 11-days, 47.3 million dollars has been raised for ALS research.  Those who can are giving, and it is a sight to see.
Also a sight to see is the courage of Brigance, Gleason and Shaw, facing what they know will be an early finish line to life, without fear, with courage and with the support of Americans everywhere.
We know the outcome for them.  What is happening the last 11 days may help the outcome of the future…finding a cure for this terrible disease. 
Something good coming out of something so bad.  Credit the NFL, social media and a caring society.


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