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I tried to think of some of the bad NFL teams I have seen in this modern day NFL we have to cover and watch.
This goes against all the plans laid out by the former Commissioners Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue.  You know the rules, salary cap, the draft, free agency, evens out the playing field.  The theory that the big money Dallas Cowboys can lose to the small market Green Bay Packers.  Everybody has a chance to be competitive.
This defies all logic as to how the Jacksonville Jaguars could be so bad.
You have to have a lot of bad luck with injuries, a bunch of bad drafts, make mistakes on free agency, and have your team get really old all at once, so you get really young when you start to rebuild.  The Jags have all the bases covered.
History reminds us of the horrors of the Matt Millen-Detroit Lions era (0-16) and all that.  The record book shows us all those Tampa Bay losses in the early John McKay years in the popsicle orange jerseys and 26-losses in a row.
The Ryan Leaf era brought the Chargers a  (1-15) team.  Ditto for the blight of a (1-15) Patriots team, or a (1-15) Colts team that had Eric Dickerson on it.  There was a (2-14) Tom Flores led Seahawks squad too.
The best of the worst, and many forget this, was Jimmy Johnson’s (1-15) Cowboys team that debuted Troy Aikman,  who would soon be followed by Emmett Smith and Michael Irvin and you know the rest.
But this is bad, this bunch from Florida’s East Coast.  The Jaguars cannot compete, at least thru three weeks of the season.  All you need to know is that they are ranked 30th, 31st or 32nd in every important stat category on both offense and defense in the NFL. 
And now they are giving the football to lst round pick Blake Bortels at quarterback, with the hope he doesn’t get hurt, get ruined, get maimed, playing behind a line that has given up 17-sacks already.  All their receivers are gone, thru drug suspensions, alcohol issues or injuries.  The defense is either way too young, undersized, or just fringe in talent.  The hopes you could make something of a team anchored by WR-Justin Blackmon or RB-Maurice Jones-Drew are over.  Blackmon’s drug-alcohol issues seem to overwhelm him.  Injury and age caught up with Drew.  
You have to work real hard to screw up a roster, but the former GM-Gene Smith did, and the ex-head coach Jack Del Rio saw it slip and slide away.  Feel bad for a good coach, Gus Bradley, who came from the Seahawks, for this will be ugly, this will be bad, this may be record-setting awful by the end of the season.
The Chargers get a walk-over game.  The Jaguars get their brains beat in.  This goes against all the rules and regs of the NFL, where everybody should be 8-8 at worst…
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