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So you thought it was over huh?
Bud Selig is headed towards retirement, but the steroid scandal that blighted his run as Baseball Commissioner may not be over.  No not, after the Biogenesis suspensions, upgrades in drug testing, and a cleansing of the game.
Now batting, the DEA, and they have their own sets of rules for this game.
Alex Rodriguez is sitting out this  season in his 162-game suspension.  The other 13 in the Biogenesis scandal have severed their penalty, but there is seemingly more coming.
Tony Bosch, the Miami drug dealer, who turned state’s evidence to help MLB, has been arrested and plead guilty last nite to dealing steroids for 5-years in South Florida.  Yuri Sucart, the uncle of A-Rod, has been arrested for doing the same in the Dominican.  8-others were also nabbed in raids.
Case closed, no not at all.  Now the rumors are the DEA will hand out more indictments, and that may include the players who were caught-trapped in the Biogenesis probe.
The DEA wants more names, not of players, but of dealers.  They want players to sing or squeal under the threat of indictments.
Drug dealing is like a chain link fence, there’s always another connection, and a web of other people, buying or dealing. 
Hope you enjoyed the 2014 season, because their might be more suspensions coming for somebody in 2015.
Bud Selig will be leaving shortly, thinking he cleaned up the game.  He is excited about the financial state of the game.  Peace with the Union.  Drug Testing.  The Wildcard and Pennant Races.
But the Steroid era is obviously not over.  So says the DEA. 
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