Being Held Hostage…

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Sit and Wait-we do.  Sit and Wonder-they do.  Sit and Hope-the others do.

It’s Day 3 of the Winter Baseball meetings and a jam packed media work-room waits for the story to break.  Back home in 30-baseball cities, fans wait.  And upstairs in the suites and war-rooms, baseball GMs hope.So the wait for the free agent logjam to be broken goes on and on.  Jon Lester, the ace of the free agent list, the Oakland A’s pitcher, has all the offers in the world at his front door.  At least 4-offers of six or seven years, with a value over 150M.  He has narrowed it down to two-but no decision yet.

And as he debates, there is a traffic jam of other baseball signings and trades held up, backed up, like a stalled car at a light, preventing anyone else form moving. He’s a good pitcher, not a Hall of Famer, but an ace of your staff.  The Red Sox misplayed negotiatons with him during the season, and wound up dealing him to Oakland at the deadline.

They’d like him back and are willing to pay him upwards of 150M on a 6-year package, after initally offering just 70M this summer.  They called it a starting point in talks, he viewed it as an insult.  The Cubs are the other suitor, with his former GM-Theo Espstein chasing him waving big dollars too.

Lester is a classy guy, as witnessed by he making the phone calls to inform the Giants and the Dodgers they were no longer under consideration.
He is a popular, dependable guy.  He’s the courageous kid who fought back from cancer and became the poster boy when MLB decided to adopt Standup 2 cancer campaign.
But as the clock continues to tick, the other big deals don’t get done, not till the soon to be rich lefthander decides.

Detroit’s Max Scherzer has opened talks with Detroit, but his price tag is linked to what Lester gets.  The potential of a blockbuster Phillies deal, pitcher Cole Hamels for a bonanza of prospects, remains on hold.And all these other clubs, searching for pitching, now have to wait to see if there is a shift in the balance of power in a division based on what Lester-Scherzer do.

It’s just the business agents, teams and star players now conduct.

Everyone is ‘wowed’ by the money offered, for a pitcher,who goes once every five days, and stunned they give that type of money to any pitcher, considering the history of break downs to arms.

Waiting on Jon Lester.  Others waiting too.  GMs, wait, teams wait, fans wait, and the media sits here ready to write a story.   It feels though like everyone is being held hostage by a 150M-contract..
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