Big Day – One of the Best

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I am going to steal his line for just this one time.

You cross paths in the broadcast industry with lots of talents. Young to old. Brash to Bold, Belligerent to Bombastic. Classy to Quiet. Stupid to Smart.

This weekend we honor a great from our industry, along with the greats, who played the game.

It is the great weekend at the Baseball Shrine, the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Four of our modern days finest go in this weekend in ceremonies, Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and Craig Biggio.

Forever their faces will adorn the gold plaques in the Hall of Fame Hallway, where the lights shine on their greatness day and night.

When they started the Hall in 1936, I don’t know if anyone imagined this would become the destination spot for baseball history as it has become.

The corridors lined with memorabilia, from uniforms to lockers, videos to baseball caps. Baseball Cards to equipment. Recalling eras of our childhood, memories of a lifetime, and glimpses of those we heard or knew about but never-ever saw in the early 1900s.

It’s about the archives of history, the research library, and old Doubleday Field, in honor of Abner, who founded the game, on some farmland there in the 1800s.

In a separate corridor we honor our group, broadcasters and sports-writers. 36 are there already enshrined, from the loudness of Harry Caray, to the elegance of Mel Allen, to our own Jerry Coleman and the artist that is Vince Scully.

This weekend, we add Dick Enberg, legendary Angels announcer, now Padres TV-Voice, a man for all seasons, including the NFL and of course Wimlbedon.

If you close your eyes, you can hear his talents. You stand next to him, and there is always a smile. Of the 36 plaques there, I counted I interviewed 24 of those Hall of Famers along the road of my sports-talk career.

Yes Dick Enberg is from a different era, and this is okay. Stories, color, flair, delivery, dynamics of the man, are all part of what you hear now. I think we should be thankful those of us here have gotten to know Dick Enberg’s work thru Fox Sports San Diego.

It will be emotional for guy from Central Michigan. He has done so many wonderful things in his career, as he reaches age 80, this is an ultimate moment. For as I told him in a congrats note this week, what he accomplished across the wide-band of sports broadcasting, is spectacular.

And like the Tony Gwynn plaque, on the top row in the Hall Hallway, where the light shines on the gold 24-hours a day, Dick Enberg’s plaque will stand forever for fans of all eras to see, remember, and never-ever forget. What a lasting, pleasing legacy.

This will be a moment of a lifetime, for a gentleman, known as quality and class. Hall of Fame broadcaster. Hall of Fame person.

An “Oh My” memory and a thanks for all his greatness.

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