Black Eye, a Black Mark on the NFL

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The NFL is all about speed-skill and physicality.
For once the NFL cannot run away from what it is dealing with.  This time there are no shifty moves, nor stylish explanations out of what the league is dealing with.  In a league of big hits, the NFL has a black eye.
The sage of domestic abuse will not likely go away.  And now maybe it is about to develop into a feeding frenzy.
Women, afraid of their men, afraid of a stigma, may now start to standup and say “I was abused too.”
It’s bad, what Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy did.  It’s bad how the league and respective clubs have handled this.  And now it seems to be on the brink of a growing epidemic, with lawyers calling press conferences, bringing more women front and center.
It is also bad, that the NFL and Union have rules, that do allow due process to take place, while players are allowed to play in some cases.  And in others, players get put on an exempt list, don’t play nor practice, but still collect their paycheck.
Aghast at the storylines that are spreading with Adrian Peterson; offended by Ray Rice and how his case was handled; wondering the outcome of the Greg Hardy vicious beating trial coming up, it never seems to end.
And now you have idiots like Ray McDonald of the 49ers and Arizona’s Jon Dwyer, arrested, after the new domestic rules were put into place, you wonder, if anyone pays attention or cares.
Granted, we are talking about just 5-players out of 1800 on active rosters, but we are talking serious incidents.
Maybe if corporate sponsors start leaving the NFL, things will change.  The TV networks love to cover the stories, love their games, and those TV ratings, so I doubt they will raise a hand, make a statement, or create a showdown issue.
But when you realize Greg Hardy will get 710,000 per week from now till his November trial; Peterson will get 690,000 a weekend, till his case is adjudicated, you wonder if anything will ever change.
The NFL marches on, players get paid, even when they don’t play, more victims show up.  And there will be games this coming weekend-regardless..  Ain’t America great.
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