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The New England Patriots are the kings of football again, winning the Super Bowl last night.  The “Mad Scientist Coach” from Boston beat the “Madman” from Seattle, as the Patriots posted a (28-24) win over Seattle in Super Bowl.

It was the brilliance of Bill Belicheck and the performance of Tom Brady, in a Super Bowl game that was not decided till 58:40 of football had been played.
Brady dropped a bomb on the Legion of Boom defense.  Seattle’s reputation was dented then melted, under the 4-touchdown-328 yard passing performance.
Yes Rob Gronkowski caught balls, but the two smallest guys on the field, Julian Edleman and Danny Amendola combined for 14-catches and 2-critical fourth quarter scores.  And it was an unknown DB who preserved the win.
The game had wild mood swings.  Brady put together drives, only to have a ball picked off in the end zone.  Russell Wilson went 25-minutes without completing a pass.  Then the Seahawks quarterback piled up 202-yards in offense in just 3-possessions.
And it was game of chess moves too by the coaches.  Pete Carroll ran the ball early and often with Marshawn Lynch, but needed to have Wilson find his rythym.  They moved the pocket, had him roll out and bingo, he was making plays down the field.
Brady had one first down in 3-possessions in the 2nd half, and his team was down 24-14, but he kept throwing, started to hit seam routes, and the Pats started to get yards after catch.
Seattle’s number 1-ranked defense just could not hold up.  Weakened by injuries, New England scored 3-touchdowns against backup cornerbacks.
With a galaxy of stars on the field though, it was an undrafted street free agent, Malcom Butler, from tiny West Alabama, who made the play of the day, the goal line pick, to get the win.
For Belicheck, the honors continue to pile up.  4-Super Bowl rings, a (22-7) career record in postseason.  Ditto for Brady, his 4th ring, his 3rd MVP honor, and now an NFL history best 13-TDs, passing Joe Montana’s mark
And never one to fall short on motivating his team, he developed the “us-vs-them’ image all week, that no one nationwide thought the Patriots could win without cheating.  Take that, the proponents of ‘Deflate Gate’.
For the Seahawks, it was heartbreaking.  They went 80-yards in 5-plays in just :30 at the end of the first half to get a TD.  They almost duplicated it again in the final minute of the game.
Seattle had timeouts in their pocket, and the power-ball back, the Beast in the backfield, and did not run the ball into the endzone.  A crossing pattern pass in a traffic jam of defenders did them in at the one yard line.
Oh the despair, oh the second guessing.  Oh what a way to end the season. 
They won, those Patriots, they beat a really good Seattle team, in as good a Super Bowl as you’d ever want.  
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