Chargers at the Crossroads

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This is a big week for the Chargers football franchise, on the field at least, and also in the community.  Talking about the team for once, not the stadium situation, though both are linked and critically important.

There will be no Philip Rivers trade to the Tennessee Titans, if you buy as truth what Tom Telesco says.
And though others, the UT, believe the Chargers lost in free-agency, I think they filled enough holes to help themselves in the offensive line, special teams, and at wide receiver.
Now the Thursday-Friday days at the draft table are going to be huge, and the Bolts are going to get access to quality in the opening three rounds.
There are 26- big names available in the opening round, and regardless of what happens above them on the draft board, they will get immediate help.  The draft is deep where the Chargers have the most needs.
NFL people say 2-quarterbacks, 2-running backs, 2-wide receivers, as many as 7-offensive lineman, 6-defensive line, 5-linebackers and 2-defensive backs are all likely to be taken in that opening round.
Telesco needs a power running back; he needs more bulk in the defensive line; he needs another  young offensive lineman, and a pass rusher.
They draft 17th, 48th and 83rd in the opening three rounds.
If there is a run on the offensive lineman early, that means the running backs and defensive lineman will fall.  If teams take the top two backs, the 2-quarterbacks and the 2-wideouts, then the OL-DL crops will be pushed down the board.
It adds up as a win-win for the people at the Fortress.
Yes I wanted them to ‘rent-a-vet’ like Vince Wilfork or the likes, and yes I wish that had been able to hold onto a Marcus Gilchrist or a Shareece Wright, but I do think Orlando Franklin-Patrick Robinson-Jacoby Jones and Stevie Johnson will be big time contributors.
They need to do what they did the first two April’s Telesco was on the job, draft guys who can play immediately, a Keenan Allen or a Jason Verrett.  I think they will, and I think they need five more young players out of this draft and undrafted signing period, to make the team a contendor.
Thursday and Friday will be important days for the coming season if not the long term future of the team.
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