Chargers – Bold or Timid

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NFL free agency starts tomorrow morning for the Chargers and everyone else in the NFL.
In San Diego, there are many things to be done in a short, short time.  The biggest, find enough talent to put around quarterback Philip Rivers, before the clock runs out on his record setting career.
The window is closing on the 30-plus year old quarterback.  He has taken some big hits, dealt with being hurt, each of the last two seasons.  His franchise has 1-playoff win in 6-years.
The Chargers had some $21M left in cap space after the signings of kick returner Jacoby Jones of Baltimore, and the re-signing of offensive tackle King Dunlap. Now the agreement to keep cornerback Brandon Flowers, reduces the available amount.
The Sunday night news flash was something.  The Chargers close to a deal to sign Broncos starting offensive lineman Orlando Franklin, a huge get to solidify a weak link on the team.
The roster still may have shortcomings, and the team will have to go find more money to fix holes on defense.
It’s a nice haul so far, but there may be more holes to deal with early tomorrow morning, when players can actually start signing, especially if the rumors come true, that safety Marcus Gilchrist may get an offer from the Redskins, and the same for cornerback Shareece Wright, from Miami.
They could spend their 1st round pick on another offensive lineman, or maybe the need now becomes defense.
The Bolts need a true defensive tackle, and free agency offers them some  proven veteran.
Ndamukong Suh of the Lions is asking for $16M a year, an enormous amount of money, but he changes everything on your defense if you sign him, but he appears headed to Miami.  The Patriots Vince Wilfork is a force upfront and a strong leader in the lockeroom, and a short term contract could lure him.  The Jets Kenrick Ellis has upside, size, and a bit of experience, and seems poised to leave the Jets.
In the secondary, the name Troy Polamalu, headed to the twilight of his career may be out there too, and a short term rental to bring the ex-USC Trojan and Steeler  home, might be worth the investment, from a talent standpoint and a chemistry one too.
Tom Telesco has shed his conservative approach.  He may need to do more… The GM has the ability to restructure Rivers’ $17M-cap figure contract and give him an extension. They can do the same with safety Eric Weddle’s $10M cap figure deal, and give him a short term extension.  Those deals now give you more cap space immediately to finish the job..
San Diego doesn’t need more draft picks to develop, they need instant veteran additions.
The window is closing on Rivers career fast, the roster needs experience and leadership.  Time to move quickly on all this, for signings start at 10am-Tuesday..
Telesco once viewed as “Tom Timid”, could finish as “Tom Terrific.”
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  1. Drunk Raider Fan says:

    The window has closed. Much like Peyton’s ducks, I see Rivers throw a lot of wobblers too.

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