Chargers Ceasefire

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It’s time for a Ceasefire in this Civil War between the Chargers ownership and the leadership of the city, the Mayor, and his task force.
Throwing Molotov Cocktails at each other, daring the other side to step into No-Man’s Land, has only served to muddy the water, soil the clean piece of paper, this Stadium Task Force was supposed to operate with.  In a 48-hour span we have gone from optimism to pessimism, because of ancient history, bad blood, and allegations of agendas.
It’s time for Dean Spanos to muzzle his mouthpiece Mark Fabiani, who seems intent on developing a ‘Scorched Earth Policy” with people trying to save the franchise, and get a stadium built.
The threats and name calling are classless.  The insinuations of people’s agendas are irresponsible.  It besmirches the reputation of the Spanos family, who have given extensively to charity in this town, too.
If Dean Spanos is laying the groundwork to leave San Diego to go to LA in the middle of the night, so be it.  His legacy as an owner and resident, will be written with how he handles this business.  Just ask the Art Modell family and the Jim Irsay family what their lives were like when they left Cleveland and Baltimore.
The stadium is falling down, and that family needs to step away from the verbal gunfire, for their reputation will go down too.  Spanos’ decision to meet, a sitdown with the Mayor, is step one in putting out this oil-fire of a controversy. 
The city cannot make good on all the mistakes made by past administrations.  It can only deal with the here and now with what they have.  And they have a Mayor with a will to do something positive, a better economy, and creative juice from successful business people  on that task force.  The Faulconer group should never be linked with the era of errors from Filner-O’Connor-Murphy.  These are different people, these are different times.
It’s time for the Task Force to sit down and move on and begin the actual research of all the information available.  Spend the next 5-months coming up with a stadium sight, a financing plan thru the hotel tax, a resolution of priorities-which is more important, the Convention Center annex or the stadium, how to handle the toxic land cleanup issue, and then formulate a proposal.
The city doesn’t need public forums right now with people with opinions, some knowledgeable, some knuckleheads.  They need to spend their energy and what money they can use, to dig deep into the important issues of how to build it, how to pay for it, and how to benefit from it.
Don’t worry about things you cannot control.  Pay no attention nor worry about Stan Kroenke in St. Louis.  Stop fretting about NFL timelines-and Los Angeles.  Deal with San Diego and see where you come out after you tell the Mayor and the team owner what you come up with.
Enough with the verbal carnage.  Time to move on to find out what can be done or not be done.
San Diego needs a ‘ceasefire’.  Time to end the empty rhetoric and move on to what is important.  A new stadium for the Chargers and a new Convention Center annex downtown for our major industry, tourism. 
Work now, and make this one common goal.  ‘Win-Win’ for the taxpayers, the fans, and the team. 
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