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They got what they needed for tomorrow…and for a couple of years from tomorrow

The 2014-NFL Draft was deep. The Chargers had needs, and they filled a couple, eventhough they had only six picks. At first glance, I give them a letter Grade of “B”.

In a deep draft at cornerback, with an acute need, the Bolts went and got a starter, Jason Verrett from TCU. A fireplug at 5-9, a hitter, an athlete with a 33-inch vertical jump, a fluid player with amazing speed. Is he small yes, but remember, Shareece Wright and Marcus Gilchrist on the other side bring size. Verrett might be the fastest corner the Bolts have drafted since Gil Byrd.
He plays, he likely starts immediately. Some think he is as athletic as Daryll Green-the Redskins icon.

Anything is an upgrade from last year’s 29th ranked group of cornerbacks.

The 2nd round pick might be for the future, when Jarrett Johnson and Dwight Freeney are done. Big-physical Jerry Attaochu from Georgia Tech. Smart-fast-physical, an edge guy, who ran a 4.75-maybe as good as Shawne Merriman. Think of him as a taller Corey Luiget

3rd round pick Chris Watt may be shorter than most guards, but he is thick, agile, and a scrapper. Bet he is a starting guard in a year.

After that they are projects. Ryan Carrethers is a load of a nose tackle, strong as a rampaging bull. Yes, Arkansas State is a long way from San Diego, and I am not talking miles, but he can lift a house and takes up people. He is not big and flabby a-la-Cam Thomas, but chiseled and disruptive. Only time will tell if they drafted a true nose tackle or an Olympic weighlifter.

GM Tom Telesco got 3-starters out of last year’s draft. If these four wind up as starters within a year, you can call this hitting the jackpot. The Bolts need to strike it rich, and not mine fools-gold to fill out the roster.

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