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Urgency…something that must be addressed immediately.  A word that the Chargers must pay attention too as they begin their off season evaluation of draft picks and free agents within the next couple of weeks.

Urgency…the word that Philip Rivers must consider when talking about his health.  The Chargers quarterback, who has mentioned surgery on a herniated disc in his back, hasn”t reach a decision yet, but the timing on that decision is critical.
Doctors had indicated Rivers would probably have four weeks of rehab once his seaosn was over, to determine whether to have the surgery on a bulging disc in his lower back.  The four week window passed on Super Bowl weekend, and the rehab sessions, stretching, weight work, icing and rest, have worked.
So much so, Rivers has pushed back any decision on possible surgery.  Another 4-week session is planned with more intensevrehab to see how the back reacts.
He is playing tennis, is playing some golf, but there is a huge difference doing that on a Wednesday or Friday compared to standing in the pocket taking big time hits from the Von Miller’s and Justin Houston of the worlds on NFL Sundays.  A big difference too on the 70-or-so passes he’d throw in practice on Wednesday-Thursday or Friday of game week.
If there are no setbacks after more instense weight work, then maybe Rivers is like the 81% jother Americans who have herniated discs, and don’t need surgery, according to the Mayo Clinic.  But then again playing quarterback is different than being a postman or delivering Fed Ex packages.
But there is an urgency for the quarterback.  If he needs surgery, he needs to get it soon, so he will be ready for camp in late July.
And now there is extra urgency for GM-Tom Telesco, to upgrade an offensive line that has let this quarterback take a beating four years in a row.  And to a degree, some urgency that maybe the Chargers need to fast forward plans for their next quarterback.
Not everyone comes out of surgery the same, and this is a game of big hits in addition to big plays.
No bells, alarms nor red flags need to go off right now, but the key people need to be thinking about all this, sooner than later.  You don’t want San Diego to become Buffalo or Jacksonville or some other place in the NFL, without a quality passer, in a quarterback driven league.
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