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It all starts tomorrow morning, the beginning of the most important time in San Diego Chargers history. A time to determine whether the franchise stays in its home, or moves back to its origins, Los Angeles.

The Mayor, his city Attorney, county officials and members of the city negotiating team, will sit across from owner Dean Spanos, his point man Mark Fabiani, team lawyers, and designated negotiators.

Here are the players in the opening day lineup.

Mayor-Kevin Faulconer-he could become a superstar if he can pull off this stadium package without using tax dollars or getting a ‘no vote’ from taxpayers. The biggest question, has the Task Force fired its best shot, or is there another money that can be arranged if necessary.

Attorney-Jan Goldsmith-the man behind the scenes, who knows the law, what can be agreed to without a vote, and how to coordinate the city-county loan plan.

Ron Roberts-the County rep is the entire process, knows the ins and outs of relationships, a steadying voice in all this, who has had a long relationship with Chargers ownership. Might be the most experienced-respected man in the room.

Peabody-Nixon…The negotiators, working with the city to deal with the ‘fine print in the transaction. They know the NFL and all the tricks of the trade. They are not rubes.

Dean Spanos-Chargers owner who runs a successful money making venture. His mouth says one thing, stay in San Diego, his actions say something else, see the Carson project. He has not extended a helping hand to CSAG, and they are working on his behalf.

Mark Fabiani-assigned to take care of the best interests of the owner, he has been a constant critic of all things the city has tried to do since Day one of the task force. He will do the owners dirty work.

Eric Grubman-the NFL VP of Stadiums plays devil’s advocate, but understand, he works for Roger Goodell, and who does Goodell work for, the owners, and that includes Spanos. They will do a deal in the best interest of the owner.

Carmen Policy-you would wish he had been assigned to work on the Chargers stadium in San Diego, not Carson. He wants back into the NFL, and likely will become a key member of the organization if they becomes the LA Chargers.

So the stage is set for all these talks. It will take weeks, maybe two months, to march thru the fine print. Maybe by August 1st, we will know if the Bolts are San Diego’s team forever going forward, or a lame duck franchise.

It shall be interesting to see how private these talks are, or whether the negotiating info gets leaked to selected media in LA, by Fabiani.

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