Chargers vs. Raiders

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Don’t say it can never happen, because it has in the past and it could again.
The Chargers head to Oakland this weekend to face the Raiders, feeling good, and rightfully so about their (4-1) record.  But they need to be aware there are some potential ambushes out there on the upcoming schedule, regardless of what the standings say.
The stat sheet shows a torrid big play offense, with Philip Rivers matching TD throws with his historical rival Peyton Manning, Sunday by Sunday.  It shows the Bolts ranked third in the NFL, averaging 281-yards per game, leading the league in plus 20-yard pass plays..
That same stat sheet shows San Diego allowing an NFL best 194-yards per game on defense, choking anyone and everyone.
And yes the schedule shows the beating they put on the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks, and the excitement ESPN is showing over the Bolts, ranking them 3rd this week in their power poll. 
It’s all fine and good, because they are wins no one is going to take back.  But let’s be realistic.
Sunday, San Diego faces another kid quarterback, the Raiders Derek Carr, surrounded by a bunch of journeyman on offense and a virtually nameless, next to last place defense.  The Chargers should lay a beating on Oakland too.
In all the hoopla of the great start, let’s realize though they have just come thru three games against the worst teams in the league, all whom started kid quarterbacks, who are really struggling.  Buffalo-Jets-Jacksonville have a combined (4-11) record so far.  San Diego terrorized the kid QBs and their bad offenses, holding them to 204, 175, 184 yards in those three wins.
Once they are done with Derek Carr and the woeful Raiders, they start playing real people.  Alex Smith, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and so much more.
I know it’s convenient for the fellow media covering this team to write in glowing terms of this (4-1) start.  Am I the only one who understands who they beat, how bad those teams were, and how impossible the job is for EJ Manuel-Blake Bortels and Geno Smith, learning on the job?
Just a bit too early to starting saying Chargers-Super Bowl or AFC Championship game.  Not cheerleading, not piling on, just telling you the truth.
4-kid quarterbacks in 6-weeks, you better beat them.  Let’s see what happens in the next six weeks, as they start playing real people with real firepower.


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2 Responses to “Chargers vs. Raiders”

  1. Ron Talamanrwz says:

    I miss your 15 minutes of comments on the radio and going way back to you announcing the Charger games. I very seldom listen to 1090 anymore.
    I was born and raised in San Diego and have been a Charger Fan since 1960 when they moved to San Diego and attended the games and champion games at The OLd Balboa Stadium. I watched them put up the second deck and a lot people were complaining about the cost of construction at that time.

    Ron Talamantez

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