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You may hate the team… the owner… their payroll… but you should appreciate the pitcher.
The Padres got a dose of Special K last nite at Dodgers Stadium.  Clayton Kershaw was masterful, mercurial, special, in striking out 11, throwing a 3-hitter, and running his record to (11-2), in beating the Padres..
It’s now a common place occurrence.  When he pitches, they fill the stadium, 50,000 last nite on a Thursday nite.  When he pitches, they usually win, his career record is now (88-48).  When he pitches, he strikes out tons of batters.
You may dislike the big money Dodgers.  You may despise all things that live in LA.  You may not like Magic Johnson-part owner.  Or the 239-million payroll.
But you should appreciate excellence and the gifts that guy, Kershaw, brings to the mound at age 26. 
His shutout streak was snapped by a Chase Headley home run, at 41-plus innings.  He won’t chase down Orel Hirshiser nor Don Drysdale’s shutout records.  But he keeps winning, keeps dominating;.
Kershaw has all these accolades, wins, ERA titles, Cy Young trophies.  
He also has a big heart.  He and his wife pour money, lots of it, into 3rd world countries to build orphanages.  He travels to African nations in the off season to meet the leadership groups he has put in place in these foundations.  He does charity work in the states.
He is utterly brilliant on the mound and benevolent off the field. 
You can scream all you want, beat-LA, but you should scream and shout and clap for Clayton Kershaw, who he is, what he does, and the person he represents.
Something beautiful about that guy wearing Dodgers Blue.
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