Does the Fine Fit the Crime?

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I guess if you did it, you’d be treated the same way he was.  I guess first time offenders get a break, regardless of how bad it looked on the pictures that surfaced after the incident.
And so Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and his lawyers, do what you and your lawyer would have done, had it been you instead of him in court.  Negotiate down a felony to a misdemeanor, pay a fine, promise not to do it again, and get ready to go back to work.  Of course, this was not a traffic ticket or an auto accident.
The only ones who wound up paying a price for what happened during the summer were the Minnesota Vikings, and Peterson’s four year old son, the one he whipped with a branch.
Peterson was fined $4,000, sentenced to two years probation, ordered to tape a couple of commercials, and head back to the Vikings camp to resume his NFL career.
The only ones who suffered were the Vikings, who did not have their star running back for 7-weeks, and the child, you know the one who suffered cuts and welts on his legs, his buttock, his back and his testacle, when the man, his father, hit him 10-times with a branch, for shoving his sister to the ground.
Think about that.  Adrian Peterson, 6’1, 217 pounds of pure power, taking his anger out with a branch, hitting a 40-pound child 10-times, to teach him fatherly love, just like Peterson got whipped by his father as a kid.  The Texas way of doing things.
The pictures released on You Tube of the child’s cuts were horrific.  Think of the pain, think of the mental scars.
Peterson’s statistics as an NFL star are amazing.  All those yards (10.090), all those touchdowns (91), all those Pro Bowl honors.  Oh, the other set of stats too, seven kids by five different women in numerous cities, one child who sadly died in a different child abuse case in the Dakota’s last football season.
By the way, Peterson was also paid during his suspended hiatus, collecting 690,000 per week to sit at home, watch games on television while staying in shape, till he was able to ‘no-contest’ this terrible child abuse crime off his record.
They’ll cheer him I am sure when he is reinstated by the NFL.  His case has now been properly handled by our judicial system.
Sorry, this guy is forever stained, who he is, what he did to the child.  Don’t care about culture, or messages, or the law in this case.  This was wrong.  For him to walk free with a pittance of a fine, and an expunged record, is wrong.  Not sending him to jail for any period of time, while that child lived with that pain for a month, is wrong.
Go find the pictures on the internet, and you’ll get sick to your stomach.  Guess that does not matter to Vikings fan. 
But soon he’ll be back out there, wearing #28 in purple.  Adrian Peterson, star running back-child abuser.
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