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You may like him, you may dislike him, you are following him though.  Why else would anyone in the world pay attention to the once proud Cleveland Browns franchise, now moribund, were it not for him.
Him.  Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, one of their top draft picks, hope for the future, college rock and roll star.
It is intriguing to watch him learn to play at the NFL level after the explosive Saturday-by-Saturday shows he put on in the SEC.
He is dynamic, he is fiery, he is flamboyant, he is arrogant. 
He comes from money in Texas and fame plus that fortune has always been around him.  Manziel has been the neon light attraction all camp long in Cleveland.
Can he take a hit?  Will he be able to make plays in the pocket? Will he run around and create?  Will he get killed.
His first two games haven’t been great.  More scramble and runs for your life, than go thru progressions and do the right thing.  But he has made it fun to watch.
The NFL Network had an all time high 2.8 million viewers for the first game he played.  Last week, ESPN had the 2nd highest preseason rating, 4.8, it has ever had for his game.
He freelances, he fires bullets, he takes off and runs, he takes some wicked shots.  And to top it all off, he gave the Redskins bench the finger in the second half on Monday night after they chased him all over the pocket but didn’t sack him.
Manziel is cocky and confident, arrogant and artistic.  Only time will tell if he becomes a Frank Tarkenton or a Kordell Stewart.
They’ve called him so many things.  Johnny Football, Johnny Heisman, Johnny Jerk.  Now you call him Johnny Backup, since he didn’t win the starting Browns QB job as everyone hoped.
His uniform number is the same as his spot on the depth chart… #2.
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