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Heart is willing-can the body hold up.

You must give him credit for heart, dedication and courage. You may critique him too for stupidity.

Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd, last seen lying in crumpled heap in the middle of the field after a horrible head on collision with an Eagles safety, is back on the field with his NFL team. He is taking part in the NFL off-season training activities. Running routes, catching balls, conditioning, and occasionally getting bumped.

Floyd suffered a severe cervical strain of the neck after a brutal middle of the field hit early last season, in weekend two. Enormous pain, nerve damage, compressed discs, and real fears.

The pain persisted till February, despite rehab, and weight work. It is gone now, and now he has been cleared by team doctors and his own physicians to return and play.

But at what cost, what price, what risk? So he can earn another 3-million dollars. As a 33-year old receiver from Wyoming, he has made nice money, had a good role playing career, made some big catches.

The risk of going down in these OTA’s is not significant in what are supposed to be non-contact workouts.

But there will be hitting, heavy hitting in July camp. There will be full contact in preseason games. And the regular season will likely bring car-wreck type crashes again.

He has accomplished much. He has a family, He has kids. Why would he risk another neck injury, spinal stenois, ruptured discs or worst case scenario, paralysis.

Someone needs to mention the names Daryl Stingley, Dennis Byrd, Hubert Bobo to Malcom Floyd. Guys who played, guys who were crippled, guys who died, with broken necks..

Being an NFL starter is a success story unto itself. Being able to walk away from the game, pick up your kids, hug a family, and not be in a wheelchair, should be of greater value to him now.

You’re only 1-play away from losing your career. In Malcom Floyd’s case, the next play, the next catch, the next hit, might have a long lasting effect on his life. You’d like to think he’s smart enough to realize that.

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  1. Robert says:

    I feel he should retire. He plays through injuries and then can’t play. It feels like every year he gets injured. If he has his health now, he should stop playing while he is ahead.

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