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Philadelphia, city of brotherly love, city of enormous hate.

History writes it’s one of the toughest cities in the country to play in, because the fans are so intolerant.

And now the media may have moved into lst place in terms of critical coverage of its teams.

Philadelphia, where they even booed Santa Claus, has become a destination point for dislike. The hapless 76ers, the last place Phillies, the chronic underachieving Flyers.

And now Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Chip Kelly and the Eagles? That Chip Kelly, who has posted back-to-back 10-wins seasons?

They are all over the wonder boy coach from Oregon.

He ran off star wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who marched to the beat of a different drum. He dealt away running back LeSean McCoy despite all his productivity. He traded away young quarterback Nick Foles.

He has spent 24-months answering non stop questions about his video game offense, and whether the Eagles can play deep into January with it.

It’s been a continuum of questions from Michael Vick to Mark Sanchez, and now to the oft-injured quarterback Sam Bradford.

It’s a constant barrage of quotes from departing players about racial issues, culture issues, relationship and leadership issues. Love-me, Love-me-not.

And now they’ve gone after his reclusive personal life, digging up data that Kelly was married years ago at the University of New Hampshire. He left, she stayed behind, he went to Oregon and now the NFL.

He doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business. All thought he was single, in status, and in football mind. He called what the Philadelphia media has done as ‘bizarre’, saying ‘who cares-who should care about something years ago?”.

As they say, all is fair in love and war, except in Philadelphia where everything seems to be fair game for evaluation and criticism. Just ask Chip Kelly about that.

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