Miami Maims Cahrgers

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Where do you begin with something so bad, something headed in the wrong direction?  I fear I know where it’s ending, a non-playoff season.
The quarterback, #17, came to play.  No not Philip Rivers, but Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  He started red hot (16-for-20) and busted a couple of runs, and his defense and pass rush did the rest in a (37-0) shutout of San Diego.
The Chargers have been playing football a long time, and in history, this is the 3rd worst shutout ever.  Only in 1961-in the old AFL, was it worse, when the then Boston Patriots bombed them 41-0. Washington dealt them a 38-0 thrashing in 1973, and this bashing matched a (37-0) beating on opening day vs the Steel Curtain Steelers in 1975.
It was bad from the beginning and it just got worse, this 3rd loss in a row, and 4th bad game turned in by Mike McCoy’s team.  It was the worst beating a McCoy team has experienced in his year and a half on the job.  McCoy’s team lost, but GM-Tom Telesco’s roster is to blame.
Pick any facet of this hammering and you’ll find a shortcoming.  Rivers threw three interceptions, two on desperate heaves after the game had gotten away from San Diego, and also fumbled once.  Seldom do we see 4-turnovers from him, and he is the least of the Chargers problems.  His 138-yards passing was the 4th lowest of his career, the worst being 97-vs-Kansas City in 2006.  He had a second worst all time career low 31-rating yesterday. supassed by a (12.4) rating as a rookie.
The running game was non-existent till garbage time, the fourth straight weekend no one has opened holes for Branden Oliver and Donald Brown.
The offensive line pass protection problems are growing; they gave up 5-sacks, Rivers took 6-hits, and was pressured 9-times.
The pass rush never got to Tannehill, much like they never got to Peyton Manning a week ago Thursday.  They blitzed him 18-times, knocked him down once.  Coupled with the loss in Denver, San Diego has sent people 36-times, with no sacks and only 2-QB-knockdowns.
The secondary, torn up by injuries, cannot stop anyone.  Corner Brandon Flowers gave up 4-completions, linebacker Donald Butler was beaten  4-times, as was rookie Chris Davis.  This a week after they gave cornerback Richard Marshall his release. 
A week ago, Miami was outgained (199-3) in the first half by Jacksonville.  Yesterday San Diego gave up 16-plays of 10-yards or more, with Tannehill playing pitch and catch to 10-different receivers, finishing a (24-34) passing day, with 4-four drops, and 288-yards, plus his own 47-yards rushing.  When they were done, the Dolphins had (441-178) advantage in yardage in this blowout party in South Florida.  Just weeks ago the media was calling San Diego one of the elite teams in the league.
What is worrisome is there is no solution.  The team had 10-days off to prepare for this, and played horrible.  The offensive line play continues to degenerate, and these are the best 5-Mike McCoy has on the field.  The pass rush not only doesn’t get there against the Manning’s and Alex Smith’s of the world, it doesn’t get there against Derek Carr nor Ryan Tannehill either.
Frank Reich’s play calls seem to have lost their magic.  You keep calling run plays with no yardage, you then put Rivers in second and third and long, with shaky protection.  There were no passes targeted to Eddie Royal, tight end LaDarius Green did not show up in the pass pattern till the game was effectively over.  Where were the crossing routes that excelled early, especially when teams went blitz happy, those should have been passes to hot receivers. 
A bye this week, then the Raiders and Rams might be the only salve to this wounded team.  For after that, there could be five more losses coming when you consider whom they play, Patriots,49ers, Ravens, Broncos, Chiefs.
The Chargers better use the bye week to evaluate their schemes, and their play-calling.  They cannot do much with the roster unless Ryan Mathews can return to be Ryan Mathews, he of heavy duty heart from a year ago.  There are no other offensive linemen to get.  The linebackers are pedestrian.  Jason Verrett has three tears of his labrum and needs surgery and they surely need him in the secondary.  They miss Danny Woodhead’s dynamics more than ever.
Not piling on here, just stating the facts.  I would never have thought a Philip Rivers team would be shutout ever.  Mike McCoy’s team lost.  Tom Telesco’s roster decisions has made them a team in trouble.
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