Murder in Massachusetts

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It may not be as riveting as the OJ Simpson trial in Los Angeles, because that player was a Hall of Famer, and this one appears to be a Hall of Shamer.  But the testimony has been riveting in this murder trial of the former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.
Closing statements have been made, and the the jury will begin deliberations now in the case of Hernandez, charged with the execution death of Odin Lloyd in New England.
The Prosecution paraded up 125-witnesses to testify, including Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a former friend of the player, Hernandez fiancée, and a group of police and forensic experts.
The Defense had just 3-witnesses and hardly fought thru any of the damning testimony.
So the jury goes behind closed doors now to evaluate all the information presented; the only thing missing, no murder weapon.
But if you connect all the dots, you have everything but the Glock Gun used in the killing.
As Jack Webb on the old TV show Dragnet would say, “Just the Facts”
Police found empty shell casings with Hernandez DNA on them beneath the drivers side seat of his SUV, the one he was driving with Lloyd and 2-friends, just hours before the killing.  The casings match the 6-bullets in Lloyd’s body.
They have a marijuana joint with Hernandez DNA found next to the body.  They found the player’s shoe prints next to the body.  Tire tracks from the SUV too, right next to the body.
Police have video of Hernandez strolling around his house, with his friends,  just hours before the killing, with a glock gun in his hand.  They have the player, and 2-accomplices back in the house within 20-minutes after the killing.
There’s video of Hernandez breaking up his cell phones, then his home video system.  Video of the player, 2-members of his posse, and the victim, getting into a car after leaving a bar.  Within a half hour, Hernandez and his two friends returned to their house, but without Lloyd, all on video..
His fiancée testified Hernandez texted her and told her to remove a 35-pound safe box from the basement, hours after the shooting.  There’s video of her hauling what appears to be a heavy box in a black trash bag to her car, hours after the killing.  Conveniently she  testified she forgot what dumpster she threw the garbage in.
She said there was a Glock gun in the family kitchen the day before the murder, and the gun disappeared the day after.  She admitted the player smoked marijuana and was drunk the night of the incident.
She had already been indicted by a grand jury for perjury, and was granted immunity to go on the stand.  Aside from what she saw, she said the Pats players denied he killed the man in his car.
There’s phone company records of the Patriots player making 13-cell phone calls to his posse-car partners,within 2-hours of the shooting.  And a text message with Hernandez telling one of his posse ‘say nothing’.
Another friend of Hernandez testified the player showed him a Glock gun in a hotel; and said the player told him he stored the gun in a basement safe.
Two maids testified they found 3-hidden guns in the house, the week of the murder, but when called the day after the murder, all the weapons were gone.
And there’s video timelines of the four at the bar, at a gas station, at a toll booth on the turnpike, near the murder scene, and within minutes only 3-coming back to the player’s house.
The jury has lots of evidence to connect the dots, linking Hernandez to the crime, especially with his DNA everywhere, but they don’t have the weapon.
It was surprising that the co-conspirators in the case were never called.  You would assume they might have testified in some of type of plea deal,  unless one of them was the triggerman.
Still out there are pending murder charges of two other men, gunned down at a stop light, and the charges Hernandez was involved in that case too.
Lots of circumstantial evidence in that Fall River courtroom, but maybe not enough for Hernandez to be found guilty and take the fall for the crime.  A couple of interesting days for the jury for sure.
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