NFL Discipline

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Who has lost the most credibility in this ugly exchange?  You tell me.
The NFL Police Force is out in full effect this week. 
Like a Dragnet raid, armed and ready, the NFL Discipline Cops dropped in and unloaded on NFL players the last 48-hours..
Baltimore’s once feared running back, Ray Rice, now a convicted wife-beater, got a two game suspension for knocking out his then-fiancée and dragging her unconscious by the hair, out of an elevator.  Right there on Video in a hotel.  Right there on You Tube.2-games for a violent act like that against a woman.
It was something to see the sweep of discipline virtually everywhere.. 
Cleveland’s talented but troubled receiver Josh Gordon, multiple time alcohol and drug user, is headed towards a 1-year suspension and ordered to a hearing.
Carolina’s premiere pass rusher Greg Hardy was convicted for beating his girlfriend.  Waiting for him to get taken to the woodshed.
Aldon Smith of the 49ers is ordered to an NFL hearing, after 3-different arrests, bomb threat at LAX, alcohol, and a gun incident.  A suspension likely coming.
And then there were the PED guys including the Eagles lst round pick last year, tackle Lane Johnson, 4-games for Adderall violations.
Jacksonville’s top two receivers got popped.  Justin Blackman-facing a 1-year suspension, got busted again for marijuana, a day after running mate receiver Ace Sanders got taken out 4-games for PED’s. .
Buffalo’s tackle Marcel Dareus is awaiting some type of sanction, because of alcohol, assault, and a drag racing incident.
Broncos Player Personnel Chief Matt Russell just started 6-months in jail for acute DUI.
And months and months after his arrest, we are still awaiting NFL sanctions against Colts owner Jim Irsay, caught passed out in his car, motor running, in gear, with tons of illegal painkillers and 29,000-in cash just sitting there next to him on the seat.
Thank goodness, NFL camps are open.  Players are in facilities from 6am to 10pm, between practices and meetings, they’ll be too tired to run the streets.  The streets of America are now likely safe.
You just wonder who has the major problem now?  The players, who obviously don’t get the message about civic responsibility, and right from wrong, or the NFL, who cannot control their players and-or-front office execs.
Anyone care about credibility, or just caring about whether you win or lose on Sundays?

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  1. Dave says:

    2 games only for knocking out a lady? That’s weak. NFL looks bad for that.

    Also – it’s “discipline” not “dicipline”

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