NFL Fans Go to the Dentist in Some Cities

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It’s like a tooth ache that will not go away, what we are seeing in some NFL cities.
In an era of great quarterbacks, NFL record setting passing days, explosive offensives, creative formations, we get this.  This is bad football in lots of places around the league.
Papa Bear must be spinning in his grave, maybe ready to come out of the tomb.  George Halas’ Chicago Bears are a disaster, now just at (3-6), not just with everybody’s whipping boy Jay Cutler at quarterback, but with a team that trailed (42-0) at halftime against Green Bay and gave up 55 points because it sure looks like they gave up, as in quit, on Coach Mark Trestman.  So much for all the CFL stuff they ran last year.  Coaches sure have figured them out.
They will start asking where has all the love gone in Tampa Bay soon, the affection for first year coach Lovie Smith.  The Bucs signed all those free agents in the offseason, and they are a wretched (1-9) with journeyman Josh McCown being asked to rally the season.  How could you have guessed so wrong on so many players?  They have never recovered from the failed lst round quarterback pick of Josh Freeman, now out of the league.
Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley can get his guys to play hard, but heart only gets you so far, you do need talent.  QB-Blake Bortels is a gamer, and on the come, but the sacks and turnovers sure betray those 290-yard passing days he is ringing up.  They sure need helps there in the shadow of the Gator Bowl.  Sure need more players.
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan finally won a game, ending the threat of a 9-game losing streak, but they are relying on old man Michael Vick to carry them back from this (2-8) start after lst round pick Geno Smith regressed.  Not much skill on offense., but a real fierce defensive front seven.  But surely somebody will get fired when the Green Slime ends their season.
Oakland is collapsing, on the field, just like their stadium in collapsing around them.  QB-Derek Carr and LB-Khalil Mack look outstanding, but there is little else around there.  It is sad to see Charles Woodson’s career end up like this.  Can you say Mike Holmgren as head coach the day the season ends?
Tennessee expected so much more from first year coach Ken Whisenhunt, but poor QB work, injuries to Jake Locker, a torn up OL, and a lack of toughness a-la-the Jeff Fisher era has people really upset.
Somebody goes when it is over in Atlanta, where Mike Smith’s (3-6) team has a quarterback, two receivers, and little else.
Send flowers to St. Louis, where the Rams have all their star players hurt, including QB-Sam Bradford, who re-tore the same knee ligament this year, he did last year.  Jeff Fisher just cannot get a break.  They may wake up next year with more high picks and a healthy team, but not this year at (3-6).
And the brightness that was Cam Newton’s career just two years ago is dimming, the aftermath of injuries and a poor (3-7) Carolina team around him.
There’s an awful lot of bad football being played Sunday-to-Sunday, by bad rosters, and some with bad injuries.  A compositve (18-68) record of those teams.  Tooth aches, root canals, extractions, likely the only way to fix some of this. 


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